Purred: Tue Dec 12, '06 10:40am PST 
I've just found out that Dobby has it, and that he may not be with me much longer. Has anyone else faced this illness?


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I'm so sorry to hear that! Our hearts go out to you and your little one.


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Purred: Thu Jan 11, '07 1:24pm PST 
I'm so sorry to hear this! Nahnee's new vet discovered a mild heart murmur during her visit for some dentistry, but he said it was nothing terribly serious or even so audible that it seemed ot be a problem. Miles developed some problems with his heart before he died, he was retaining fluids and his little heart became enlarged, ended up developing a murmur. His last vet said that it was all most likely due to a mass they found in his abdomen just before he died. It's so hard when our friends get sick. I hope for the best for Dobby. Please keep us posted!


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I'm so sorry to hear that! Buda and I are sure that you'll live a long and happy life. We're sure that love and our prayers will make him a strong kitty.

Please keep us posted.

Buda and his mom, Ali


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Thanks, everyone. Happily, Dobby seems to be doing splendiferously so far! He's right behind me, climbing the ladder to the attic. I wish he wouldn't do it (with only one eye, his depth perception is a bit off) but hey, can't deprive the guy of adventure.