Snoozing in a Winter Wonderland!

Pandora (In- Loving- Memory)

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Purred: Sun Dec 3, '06 3:04pm PST 
Meowy Holidays, one and all!

Guess what? Winter came today in Montreal -- we got our first snowfall. All I wanna do in tunnel under the blankets and hibernate. The bears have it lucky; even I can't sleep through 'till April!

Mickey and I are indoor cats, and we get bored when it gets cold outside and the birds fly away. What do you guys do to keep warm in winter? How do you have fun in winter... do you have "snow" where you live?



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Meowmy Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanza to everyone. We do get snow here in New York, but I have never been out of the house so I only get to look at it from the windows. Mom and dad just started letting me outside as long as they are out there with me and I am not allowed to be out of their sight. Mom said this year she will let me go outside in that pretty white fluffy stuff and I can't wait. I do know that during the cold months dad puts on the heat so we all are cozy and warm. As soon as we get snow here and I try it out, I'll let you know what I think about it. Try and stay warm Pandora.

Pandora (In- Loving- Memory)

Little Kitty- Love
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I guess we'll have to live vicariously through you, Blackjack. We've never been beyond the hallway of our apartment building. Mickey might be content to watch TV through all 4 seasons, but I need a bit more mental stimulation in winter (with no birds to watch at the window).

Believe it or not, the plastic heart that sprinkles dried catnip around is losing my interest! Any suggestions of how to keep my fly hunting skills sharp during the winter?

Thanks for the suggestions,


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White fluffy stuff??? I've never seen any such thing where I live :-( It's been colder than usual for this time of the year. Ways we keep warm....mommy brings out our fleecy beds and puts warm blankets on them for us to cuddle in. Me, Kayleigh and Kassy each have our own bed and blankets. We also have a small electric heater in our room to keep us toasty during the night. During the daytime and evenings, mommy and daddy cuddle in fleece throws while watching TV and we (me, Kayleigh, Kassy and Kaci) all pile on top of them!! Conner tries to climb on their laps too, but he weighs 80 pounds and their laps just aren't big enough for him AND us!! So sometimes we have to all pile on daddys lap, legs and feet, so mommy can cuddle on the couch with big Conner.