How did you decide on your pet's name?


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I've wanted a dog my entire adult life...(and I'm in my early 50's!)

So, while I waited for my dream to come true, I thought up pages & pages of names for my future dog (that's if i ever GOT one...) I had names for females, males, little dogs, big dogs, cutesy names & tuff dog names...

My dream finally came true on September 23, 2005 in the form of an 8-week old, male Maltese puppy.

I named him: Bam-Bam

(It's from "The Flintstones", a cartoon from my childhood). It was cute (like Bam-Bam himself), short & snappy, and not too common.

I love his name, but Bam-Bam could care less: because when I call him he only comes when & if he feels like it ! All that work for nothing...Oh well !


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I knew i wanted a ridiculous little dog-I knew a wanted a girl,and i knew her name would be Tinkerbell,Because I Love all things Tinkerbell! I had this name in my head for more than a year,when I finally got my puppy,and lo and behold,she fits her name perfectly! She's small, kinda' cute,and has a stinky little Tinky personality! She's like her namesake, good girl,bad attitude! But i love her anyway,so what if mostly we call her "Stinkerbell" now?

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I was 35 when I was ready for a dog. My first. Dad was allergic to them. I didn't know what I was missing out on. My husband and I didn't have kids we still liked the name Grace. Brittany is my best friend's daughter and Baron is a breeder thing. Grieson is our family last name.


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My name is Maximillian The Trickster #531869! My name

is chosen because I can do over "31" tricks! You can see

my Dogster Page I have video's on it. Looking forward to

being in this newgroup!

Big Woofs,

Maximillian The Trickster


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I ALWAYS wanted a dog my entire life. My mother was (and still is) allergic to dogs. Then, I finally was able to get a dog. I got Jet. I named him Jet for two reasons.

1. Jet is the color of Jet Black (his middle name is Black)

2. Jet is as fast as an airplane-type jet. kitty


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After I got Buck I watched the movie The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon. I thought my puppy looked alot like Buck on the movie so.... that's how Buck got his name! It fits him now! He's my little Dog of the Yukon! BOL!!!


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My mommy loves Disney movies and names most her fur babies after Disney animal names. I got my name from the movie Balto, its the one that takes place in Alaska and there's a sickness and they need a team of sled dogs to go to the next town and get medicine. Balto is a half wolf and no one trust him until he shows that he isn't vicious and helps bring back the medicine. Baltos dad (is never named) is a white wolf that looks like a big me so she named me Balto.
She also has an Alexandrian ring neck (very loud bird) named Zazzu and had a kitty named Nala . From the Lion King
She aslo had a Dalmatian (r.i.p) named Patches from 101 Dalmatians cuz patch was her favorite character in the movie.
She also had a bloodhound for a while named Copper from fox and the hound.
As you can see my mom really likes Disney.
She ran out of good girl Disney names by the time we got my little sister, so she is named Madison after the mermaid in Splash cuz she loves water and is beautiful!cheer