Introduce yourselves...


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This is where everyone can introduce themselves and their friends....
My name is Tiffany and I live in the Valley.
Goose is an Argentine Dogo/Bullmastiff who is about 8 mos and Nugget is a Catahoula Leopard Dog who is only 3 mos old


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This is Shelby. We got her when she was about a year old and she is now four. She was abused as a puppy so when we first adopted her she could not eat out of a bowl, and so we had to put her food on the floor or hand-feed her. Shelby was also afraid of everyone and everything, so she wet herself whenever you said her name or petted her. Another thing that really made Shelby different was that she was supposedly held on a short chain that choked her so now she grunts and snores. When she was taken to the shelter by the man that owned her previously, he said if they woudn't take her, he would shoot her(how could anyone hurt such a sweetie with those cute eyes?!).Shelby is very different now! She loves people and is attached to most everyone she knows (except maybe the vet and the people at the kennel, she doesn't like going to those places).