For mixbreeds- What's your 'designer' name?

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This is for all those mix breeds out there. So many people are fooled by these 'designer' mixes in petstores by being told that they're 'the latest trend', that 'they won't shed', that they're 'a rare breed', while the reality is that these same mixes can be found in shelters. People pay thousands and thousands of dollars for these dogs while mixbreeds and even purebreds are dying in shelters.

Anybody can be a 'designer' breed, just put together a couple of breeds that you think are in your dog into one word. We've come accross many bizarre ones in our path, so it can be as long or as funny sounding as you like!

My human likes to call me a 'Shelteranian' because I'm a Shetland Sheepdog/Pomeranian mix, plus I'm from a shelter! So 'Shelteranian' really fits me well!

What are you?


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I totally support rescue pets; as I was one myself, being rehomed 4 times until my forever family brought me home! I'm a Fila Brasileiro but my adoptive sister "Sasha"...well, we don't really know what she is..I'm going to say an American Pit bull Terrier/Shepherd/???
---Ameripherd Terrier...Yes, the most kissy and cuddley of adoptive sisters! They're only the HOTTEST new breed in town

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Wow, 4 homes? That's crazy! We think that you're gorgeous and we're so happy that you found your forever home.! smile My humans don't know how many homes I have had or if I ever had a home before because I was a stray before I was brought into the shelter.

Ameripherd Terrier, that's a good one! And people say you can't find 'fancy' dogs in shelters. Ha.