Spoiled Rotten Cats


Mistress- Mischief
Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 3:44am PST 
Well my mum has offically gone and done it! Bast and I are now SPOILED Rotten Cats! Our soon to be little brother will not know what to do with himself! Mummy went a bit crazy at the pet store. She got one of every kind of ball, mouse and little play thing she could see, and a cypurr mouse! and two wheel with ball inside thingies, and a cat dancer that STICKS to the wall! THREE new litter boxes. Two cat beds! a new Carrier! two huge bags of our litter and two bags of regular litter! New food (Eagle Pack) for Miss 'I'm TOO picky' Bast to try I think its YUMMY! And yellow Iams for our new little brother (although I think he is bigger then either of us and we are full grown already)

Yup mum went NUTS!

She also got directions to the place where she has to pick up our brother. *bounces and squeeks a bit*

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 4:09am PST 
Wow, Loki!! Wallace is one lucky kitty!!!!!! (As are you and Bast!) Your mom is pretty pawsome!!!


Mistress- Mischief
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Although she still can't find that Feliway stuff in defusser form (or any form for that matter). And we live in a big city. HRMPH. So .. If I could get mum to send one of you some money via W.U. to get some that would be FABULOUS.

And a question about automatic water thingies. Both Bast and I like to play with our water before we drink. *dip paw in, paw around a bit and then lick paw off and THEN drink* Would Autowater thingies be ok for us ?


I gotta bite the- finger that- feeds me
Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 8:32pm PST 
Woo Hoo! My brother, YOUNGER brother that is, finally allowed us to join in on the group. I think meowmy felt bad cuz' Clyde's been getting so much computer time. Loki, I love to play with my water before drinking it too! I dip my paws in it and lick them, I like to taste the water temp before I commit to drinking it. We have friends that have automatic water fountains and love them. Meowmy's too cheap to get us one so you'll have to let us know if you get one.


Mr. Squeaky
Purred: Fri Oct 13, '06 1:38am PST 
You are such a great mom, Loki! We are too picky about our toys. Even if mom bought all that stuff, I would only play with balls and Bibs would only play with mice. The rest would sit. We got enough toys just sitting now. MOL


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Oreo, my meowmy calls me Squeaky too! MOL!


Goddess of the- Basement
Purred: Sat Oct 14, '06 12:27am PST 
Well with soon to be four cats, mum wants to make sure we have uuber fresh water at all times. With just Loki and I .. well she has 4 bowls of water out (HUMAN bowls tehehehe) and she changes them when she gets up and when she gets home from work (cause because we dip our paws it gets fur and dusties in it)

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
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Loki, mommy is still working on getting more Feliway. I'll let you know if she does, and we will send some to you. She says she's pretty sure it isn't sold up in Canada.


Mistress- Mischief
Purred: Sat Oct 14, '06 5:47am PST 
Mum has looked everywhere here, from health food stores to vets offices to big chain pet stores. And you are right.

If you pmail mum your addy she will send you money for it! Cause mum knows how expensive it is.

*snugs and purrs*

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Sun Oct 15, '06 6:03pm PST 
Loki, if mommy's connection comes through for her, it will be for free!!!!!