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We just want to thank everyone for joining our new group! A few of our friends and I were looking at some other Dogster pages today and saw quite a few dogs living outside on a chain. It was very sad to see on here and just to think that this happens all over the place. =( That gave us the idea to start a new group, hoping to help get the word out about how bad it is to chain your dogs outside.

Many tail wags,
-Jade Snoop

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Speeking for my Pack, we hope and pray daily that no dog ever gets shut outside on a chain, it is no life...

Thanks for starting a new group we feel so stringly about!
The Alpha, Missy

Jade Snoop

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You're welcome Missy! Thank you and your pack for joining!

Being tied to a dog house and only being able to walk as far as the chain will let you. It really is a sad way to live. Especially if the chain is mighty heavy, causing it to be embedded into your neck. I don't understand why people can be so cruel. Why get a dog if you're just going to tie them up in your backyard? So pitiful these people are.


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Before my mom adopted me, I was chained up outside to a tree all day. I barked all day and people thought I was a bad boy. Now, I am in the house all day with my family, and they take me on walks. I go on a 2 mile walk around a little lake by my house every afternoon, so I get plenty of exercise. I have a yard but I would rather be where my people are. The only bad thing about my house is that 4 cats live here..........but because they were here first I have to be nice to them...........Tonka


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What a great idea for a group. Don't let my picture fool you, I was enjoying the new snow and my people think my black fur against the white snow makes me look handsome, whatever.... Anyway, I spend most of my time on the couch and am never left outside by myself.


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We live in Connecticut and a few years ago a statewide law went into effect banning the tethering of dogs for "an unreasonable period of time" not as specific as it could have been but it's a start. There's a great website with information on what the statutes are in various states and municipalities. It is: http://www.unchainyourdog.org/Laws.htm


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Hi - we were both chained as well. My mom runs an animal rescue group and chaining is one of the things she hates the most. Her city just passed an ordinance that dogs can't be chained longer than 9 hours. It's not perfect, but it's at least something. And if people are forced to bring their dogs in the house when they get home, maybe they will consider building a proper fence.

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I joined this group because I wanted to hear what people have t say about chaining dogs. I do chain my dogs...this does not mean they are unloved or uncared for. I take at least 1 dog for a run every night, I race them in the winter, I give them good food etc etc. I do not feel it is that bad to chain...I feel more sorry for the poor pups who are stuck in a little crate all day or are inside a 10x10 chainlink pen.