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Ginger Cat

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Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 7:32am PST 
Ok, I want to get some laughs in...Let's hear some of your funny catnip stories. My funny catnip story is that today when mom brought in some nip, I saw Wolfy come running up and I remembered last time he snatched it out from under my nose and ate it, so this time, I grabbed the catnip snippet and ran! He was so surprised that he got scared and ran under the couch. Mom laughed and laughed. She had a piece of nip for him too of course and he ate his...again.
Ok your you have a funny story to tell?

Purrs and catnip, Ginger Cat


Xander - Here we go,- Steelers!
Purred: Wed Aug 9, '06 9:32am PST 
Say, that's funny, Gin!

My dad thinks I'm clever because I'm afraid of crinkly plastic, and I avoid him when he messes around the sink, but if he's reaching for the bag of catnip I run over and start rolling on the floor, before he even gets it out! I have catnip-esp you see!


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Purred: Wed Aug 9, '06 7:51pm PST 
I will come running from the other room, even if I was sleeping, when mommy opens the catnip container. I also sit up and beg to look extra cute so she gives me more!! MOL


Is it playtime?
Purred: Fri Aug 25, '06 6:09am PST 
I don't know if this is funny or not, but when mom mows, she always brings in fresh catnip for us. If by chance she forgets, both Rachel and I give her the "big stare," and she goes back out to collect it. We both roll in it and then beat the tar out of each other.