Tiger ~- 2001-2008

Purred: Mon Jul 31, '06 3:43pm PST 
I'm Tiger.I'm afraid I forgot to bring my dog as I was excited to see other kitties who love their dogs too,and I clicked join without even having a thought about it.If you want to see my dog,the link's on my page,but he doesn't really go on Dogster anymore.

I love my dog!He might be 10 times my size,but he is still submissive towards me.I like to lay down and squeak at him,but he doesn't really do anything but pant.At times I think he might be a little 'impaired',but nonetheless I still love him.

The only dogs I don't really like are small ones,not that ALL small dogs are bad,but all the small dogs in the neighborhood chase me and bite me!Once I got bitten by a parson russell that was running free,but it was only on my tail and it was already messed up so it didn't really effect me much.I've been chased by a Siberian Husky once,and I almost had a heartattack then!But now no dog will chase me when I have my big black friend to protect me.

Despite the numorous bad experiences that I have had with dogs,I still love my dog more than *ahem* someone that forgot to feed me today.

Squeaks and Headbutts,