Who are you named for?

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Cow cats rule!
Purred: Wed Jul 26, '06 10:52am PST 
I'm named after the monster in a famous epic, Beowulf. My biped figured that since I'm a cat, I'm a nocturnal beastie who roams the house after dark climbing up on the furniture I'm not allowed on in the daylight and generally behaving as I like with out some human to stop me in my fun.

Stipey- (angel cat)

Star me kitten
Purred: Wed Jul 26, '06 1:43pm PST 
Hello, I am new here. I am named after Michael Stipe, lead singer of the rock band R.E.M. My mom loves R.E.M. so much! I'm not really sure who they are but I get annoyed when she turns up their music too loud. MEOOOOW! My ears!


Developing diva
Purred: Wed Aug 2, '06 11:21pm PST 
Hi Stipey!
I'm named Fredrika after Freddie Mercury, a great singer and a great cat lover.

Dr. Morris- Excalibur- Jonathan

Fast & Furry
Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 5:26pm PST 
I am,of course,named after the famous finicky tabby Morris.

Stipey- (angel cat)

Star me kitten
Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 7:28pm PST 
Hi Fredrika, a fellow rocker cat! That's awesome! My human brother is named Freddy too so I think that is a cool name. I didn't know Freddie Mercury liked cats. What a smart guy he was. Hope to see you around

Stipey- (angel cat)

Star me kitten
Purred: Thu Aug 3, '06 7:30pm PST 
Oh and hi to you too Grendel and Morris! Now I must be off to chase my big sister Maya around the house while my human family is trying to sleep, hee hee hee!

- The Stipe


Purred: Wed Dec 27, '06 5:11pm PST 
I was named after Spike (James Masters) from the program Angel althiuh he also featured in Buffy the vampire slayer but my humans never much watched that.

Amber- -Rehomed-

No place is to- wierd for me
Purred: Wed Dec 27, '06 5:12pm PST 
I was named after a TY beanie baby

Sassy-Missin- g 02/08/06

Pretty things- come with- Thorns.
Purred: Wed Dec 27, '06 5:13pm PST 
I was named after Sassy from Homeward bound, ok so i'm not a hymilian cat but i'm just as beautiful.

davy snake

Purred: Fri Dec 29, '06 2:23pm PST 
I guess I'm representing the canines here! I am an old school rocker, named after the guitarist from the band Skid Row! Hey, it was the 90's......=)

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