How to Rule the World...

Pounce aka- Fluffy

Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 4:59pm PST 
Since we are a group who's main purpose is for feline world domination, I think we should begin our initial world take over strategy ASAP. So I'd like to here all of your guys' idea on which is the best way to take over the world. There are many ways to do, but I think we should brainstorm and come up with the best strategy.

My idea is to build robotic minions that look just like your average, cute, little kitty. The two-leggeds will be drawn to them and they'll say "Aww.... What a cute little kitten!" and they'll snuggle and cuddle them. But, what what they don't know is that as they snuggle and cuddle with my robots, they're being hypnotized, making it so that they obey us, the cats. Soon we will all control the worlds powers and then cats shal rule the world! Muhahahaha! what do you cats think?