Pounce aka- Fluffy

Purred: Thu Jun 29, '06 5:39pm PST 
Hello world which I will soon conquer! What's everyone up to?


Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 3:15am PST 
Hello there... thanks for the invite to the group... It's almost like you knew exactly what I was thinking today. Yesterday it was nap as much as possible - today it's time to take over the world. We'll all rule with an iron paw!

Pounce aka- Fluffy

Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 10:01am PST 
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only cat who wants absolute world domination.

I think as soon as we establish our new world order, I'll scarf down as much sushi as I can possibly eat and then watch the entire first season of "Planet's Funniest Animals".

It's gonna be a good life.

Mickie (Rainbow Bridge)

Everybody Loves- Mickie
Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 7:54pm PST 
Hi Future Rulers of The World - Thanks for the invite. I must admit, I'm more of the laid-back, lover sort of kitty - - - so that's why I invited my very good friend, Birdie to the group - at my house, she's the Boss of Everybody! Ah, yes... Birdie.....Ruler of The World In Waiting.

Pounce aka- Fluffy

Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 8:09pm PST 
I'm somewhat laid back myself, Mickie.

When I'm not working in my Robotic Minion Factory, I sleep. And it's always good to sleep. I tend to make world domination plans when I'm relaxed and about to take a long nap. And I can be all lovey-dovey when one of my two-leggeds have cheese or bologna or anything else yummy like that....or when they scratch my head in the right place.

I also like to knead on hair and I tend to get all lovey-purr-purr when I do that, too.But otherwise, when you bother me, I growl and scratch. I usually do not like to be disturbed. Especially when I'm scheming. Don't EVER bother me when I'm scheming. >:-[


Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 10:43pm PST 
Hello fellow world dominators!
Today my first objective towards world domination will be to drive my human insane by licking her eyes and nose while she is trying to sleep! MAWWHAHAHA!

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Baby Kitty
Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 10:50pm PST 
Hello! Thank you for the invite!
I will begin my quest for world domination by shredding my human's last roll of toilet paper! HAHA! Take that, human!


Putting Kitty- Spells on Dad's- Everywhere
Purred: Sat Jul 1, '06 10:09am PST 
Thanks for the invite! My sister Emma & I are ready & willing to help in the conquest to take over the world! We love to bounce & pounce but our best talents are climbing curtains and jeans! If we can be of any assistance - just say the word!

Emma Peel

Avenger of Good- Kitties- Everywhere
Purred: Sat Jul 1, '06 10:11am PST 
I saw that my sister Pywacket already posted, but I just had to get my 2 paws in to say I am ready & willing to get started! We are just so wickedly psyched!

Mrs. Peel

"Mrs. Peel, You- are needed."
Purred: Thu Sep 11, '08 11:15am PST 
Greetings to my fellow rulers!kitty
I love the idea of being Queen. Rupublicat or Democat, who cares? I just want to run the Universe.
I'm so glad to see that there are others who share my ambition.
hamster dance Oh! I didn't know you served snacks!