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Thought it would be interesting to see how all the other Lucy's out there got their names! My mom named me Lucy because I am a Red Head (get it?) LOL. My grandma kept calling me Lucy-lu and it kinda stuck. No reference to the actress.

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Well, I'm on my second Mommie now and kept the name Lucy because it had been my name for 7 years. I don't know how I got the name originally, but I decided that it should really be spelled "Lucie" instead because I was a princess--giggle giggle!


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Yep, this is my seccond mommy too so the name travled with me.Mommy thought it was too cute and fit me perfectly so she kept it.But I love it cuz it makes me sound royal.


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Well, my mommy named me because of the crazy red head, of course, who always gets into the worst kind of trouble. Plus the Beatle's song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, (I am in the sky with diamonds some of the time in my furry little head, anyhow) PLUS Lucy on Peanuts...friends with Charlie Brown. Plus, I get to be in the I LOVE LUCYS group!
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Mama has a friend who performs at renaissance festivals as a character named Looney Lucy. Mama doesn't get to see her friend much and decided to name me Looney Lucy. Plus the fact that I'm a kwazy kitten helps! MOL

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And I got my name Lucy from my official name from Belgium, Lucinda. Mom loved to watch "I love Lucy" when she was in the US. And I love to hear her say "I love Lucy" to me, then I purr and love her so much. The first name I had was Sproetje, which means freckles because of all the little red splashes on my face, well, all over since I am a tortie girl.
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