Hi kitties!


Fuzzy and lovin'- it!
Purred: Tue Jun 13, '06 4:55pm PST 
Hi everyone- I'm Gordy. I'm Dutchesses baby brother and she invited me to join the group because today, she and my dad and my Uncle Tom confirmed that I can get my mom to toss a toy away each time I want her to!
I don't know how it happened- it just started one day.
A few weeks ago, mom was playing with me and my milk tab and she tossed it to the other side of the room. I ran after it, and carried it back to her dropping it in front of her feet. We did this about 10 times before I got tired of playing and walked away.
Since then, I would do this on occasion with my different toys, but not many times in a row- I wasn't too sure she would understand the game and I didn't want her to get tired of learning it. I thought it was just a goof.
Today, I went and found my tin-foil ball and carried to mom in front of Dutchie, dad and Uncle Tom. Mom tossed my ball into the other room and I chased after it, carried it back to her and dropped it in front of her feet. We played like this for about 10 minutes! If she didn't toss the ball away, I pushed it closer to her with my paw until she got the hang of it- it was AMAZING! I am so proud of her and how she learned to play the toss the toy game all on her own without any real lessons! She must be really smart, I'm lucky to have her.