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Purred: Thu May 18, '06 9:22am PST 
I get so many hairballs! I hate them so much. I get them all the time! I guess it's because I'm so hairy. Mommy brushes me and grooms me all the time (I LOVE it!) and she gives me special hairball treats...but they don't seem to do much good. Any of you other kitties know of anything that could help? My grandmommy tried to feed me vasoline once on her finger because she said it would help, but I hate vasoline! Yucky!!!


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Purred: Tue Jun 6, '06 4:10pm PST 
Have you tried laxatone? You can find it at pet stores or at your vets office.


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Purred: Thu Jun 8, '06 12:14am PST 
instead of just the treats, how about a dry food that is supposed to help the hairball issue? science diet is really good

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Purred: Wed Jun 21, '06 7:46am PST 
My hairballs improved greatly when I changed to a canned food. I went from Science Diet Dry to Wellness Canned and I hardly get hairballs anymore. That is just worked for me. Purrs... Rocky Ann


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Purred: Thu Jan 4, '07 10:00pm PST 
My mom uses special hairball food, brushes me, and she gives me a bath about once a month with hairball shampoo. (She thinks I get stinky. I think I just smell more like myself!) I never had hairball problems, but I do have upper respiratory problems mom doesn't want to aggravate with hairballs!