Where did you come from?

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Sox Magee

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Hiya Everyone!

My Mom got me from a rescue group called Petroplis in Round Lake IL.
Mom wanted Dad to experience a kitten once in his life. Dad had never been around kitties 'til he met Mom and Mom said everyone needs to live with a kitten at least once in their lives, so for Mothers Day she asked for me! And here I am!



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I was left in my carrier in a horse barn, and I ultimately ended up in upper state NY at a no-kill shelter called Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary. There are numerous cat colonies at Peace Plantation, and I lived in my colony with about 20 other homeless cats! It sounds crazy but I was well cared for and the people who took care of me there liked me a lot. After around two years, I was brought to the DC area by a group called 4 Paws, who had an agreement with Peace Plantation to bring unadoptable homeless cats there in exchange for taking their adoptable cats and finding them homes. This is how I ended up in a cage one day at a PetSmart! I wasn't sure what that was about or why I now was in this little cage. I had just gotten there that day, when this nice man started sticking his fingers through the bars of my cage and so I licked his fingers. I could tell that he had other kitties at home. His wife was shopping, and he called her over and she took me out of the cage, sat down on the floor, held me in her lap, and admired how pretty I am. They left, but a few days later the wife was back and she brought a carrier with her. I've gone from being homeless to owing my own home, where I've been for about six years now!


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We're new here, but we were both adopted from Fancy Felines of the South Rescue organization. My sister Sheba and I were both strays, picked up by local animal shelters - unfortunately, not the no-kill variety. Luckily Fancy Felines found us. Sheba waited two years for her forever home, but I was luckier and didn't have to wait as long for Mom to find us!kitty

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