Danger kitty on cue


snooty puss
Purred: Sat May 13, '06 9:13pm PST 
OK- This one I don't remember how got started, but I like to walk along the railing of the upstairs balcony that is open to the living room floor below. I know we all like heights and precarious 'stunts' of a sort, but lately, I have begun to 'listen' to my staff and perform my balancing act when they want to see it. It's usually the man-boy who starts it all- he makes this really annoying noise that they think sounds like that circus carousel song tune thing, and I am compelled to jump up on the rail and walk back and forth while they praise me from below. I'll do it until they stop making the sound, then I run and hide under the bed from shame for having just acted like a common dog.