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Upcoming Parties


Purred: Mon Apr 24, '06 9:28pm PST 
Just post (or pawmail me, if you would rather do that) information for a party you're holding and where (I reccomend Social Cats as a place to have it at. link on the home page of Catster Mews) and I will add it to the events list, and the day before it happens, I will post reminders along with send out a message for an reminder smile


My Heart Belongs- to Marina
Purred: Tue Apr 25, '06 7:21pm PST 
Milo! You are doing such a wonderful job! I will always check your boards and keep you updated on our parties and events, too!


Purred: Wed Apr 26, '06 3:28pm PST 
Thanks, Truman! So far, luckily, everything is running smoothly. Woohoo!