Why aren't cats man's best friend, if they were worshipped by Egyptians?


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Purred: Thu Apr 13, '06 5:06pm PST 
Really though, why are dogs man's best friend, if cats were worshipped by Egyptians? Doesn't that mean that cats are in some way important? What do you think?


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I know that cats are definatley mom's best friend. She treasures us way more than the puppy. She can love her too, but mom thinks more of us (me, brother, and her other cat in heaven) than anyone else in her life, including her fiance. We're the men in her life, and that's the way it'll always be.


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I agree with Charlie; we may not be "Man's" best friend, but we are definitely best friend to our Lady. Even with 6 cats in the house, my lady always finds a few minutes every day to spend with each of us. I can only imagine how much attention we would get if only she didn't have to spend so much time with the Man (couldn't we get him a dog)?


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yeah i wonder too about that. Yesterday bill said cats are good for dusting places you dont want to dust. But us cats are liz's best friends she loves to pet us and hold us and feed us.