Let's Play Some Games!


Mommy's Little- Girl
Purred: Mon Apr 10, '06 10:22am PST 
Hello, pups! This group has gotten pretty dull, so I've decided to spice it up a little! How about we play some Freeze Tag? If you didn't know, here are the rules: if the Freezer touches you, then you are Frozen. That means that you can't move. Then, the Unfreezer will Unfreeze you by poking you. The Freezer can give his job to somepup else by Freezing them and yelling "Switch!". The same goes for the Unfreezer, but he would Unfreeze you. The Unfreezer can NOT be frozen!

Okay, I'll be the Freezer, and Imzadi will be the Unfreezer. Watch out, we're coming to get ya!