What's the 'kraziest' thing your cat has ever done?

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Woot, Im a- SpiderCat. - Mreow
Purred: Wed Aug 29, '07 11:13am PST 
Well....I teamed up with the Hamster 2 ruin mum's Covers!!!
It was Fun


Patchy Love, yo
Purred: Thu Sep 13, '07 12:48am PST 
Hi smile I'm only 3 months old and I guess I'm still learning how the world works so I do a lot of things that make my mamma and daddy laugh shrug but I really like to go into the shower after Mamma or Daddy has gone in there, so it's all wet and steamy, and I walk through there, check it out, chill out a little, sit down (I don't mind that it gets my fur a little wet...), and then when I'm done I track wet paws through the house!!! cheer


Purred: Sun Oct 21, '07 8:56pm PST 
My favorite crazy thing is to pretend that the lines in the tiles on the bathroom floor are things that I can scoop up and play with. I try to toss them in the air, but nothing happens. After a while, I get bored with that and chase my tail.

CinderPaw-fo- rever loved

don't let your- heart hold tears
Purred: Mon Oct 29, '07 10:20pm PST 
Once I got reallly dirty and mommy wanted to give me a bath.
So she put me in the tub with some warm water running, I was ok with it at first but when the water started to get a little deeper, I freaked! I didn't want to get my precious forepaws wet so I walked on my hind legs, supporting myself by putting my forepaws against the shower door. Once I got to the other end of the tub and saw that the shower door was closed I starting jumping up as high as I could, meowmy said I probably jumped about five feet! Deciding that a bath wasn't such a good idea after all, meowmy let me out. As soon as I was out of the tub I ran with my wet tail dragging behind me, hopped into the hole in the bathroom wall and didn't come out till I was dry and had recovered my dignity. Hissss
Luckily for Meowmy, I forgave her.

Grace Ann

Forget Princess- Grace, I am the- Queen!!
Purred: Wed May 14, '08 1:54pm PST 
When I was younger mommy would give me a bath. She would shut the shower doors so I couldn't get out. So I figured out how to jump on the window sill and then jump over the shower doors to escape!

I also would get on the fence and neighbor's shed. Then I would start calling out for help to get down. Whenever mommy would come out to rescue me, I would run away and hide! kitty

Sometimes now that I am older I will jump on Mommy and Daddy's dresser and knock everything over. I also will make sure no one is looking and then find a toy to play with.

The funniest thing I do, is drink out of the toilet! Mommy thinks that is so funny!

Now that I am 9 years old, I don't do as many crazy things anymore!

Emma Leigh

I am not stuck- up, I am just- shy!
Purred: Wed May 14, '08 1:57pm PST 
I am really shy, but occasionally I will find a toy to play with when no one is looking! I am also a bully! If mommy is on the computer and not giving me any attention I will stand on my back legs and bump into her until she pays attention to me. A couple of times I have either knocked her out of the chair or tripped her while she was walking.

The funniest thing I did though was one day mommy left the fridge door open, and I sat in front of it, like I was trying to decide what to get out.

Oh and I also get into the kitchen cabinets. Once I left my little sister in there, and she had to meow so someone would let her out! kitty

Luna Nova

They don't me- Naughty Naughty- 4 nothing!
Purred: Wed May 14, '08 2:02pm PST 
My brother T.J., sister Lily, and me are always getting into trouble! Mommy says I am the ring leader! I have taught my younger siblings well!

Lily and I are always sitting on the kitchen table, getting on the counters to look for food, getting on top of the shelves and knocking things over. We also love to annoy the puppy!

T.J. and I are always running around like crazy!!

Once Lily was playing in a bag, and I sat on the open end and trapped her inside. Mommy didn't like that at all!

T.J. rubbed his head against a chalk painting and his head turned purple! That was funny! Mommy and Daddy had to hold him down to wash it off! eek

Us cats are always getting into mischeif! We have the run of the house and we know it!!


Rub your face on- it!
Purred: Fri May 30, '08 9:35pm PST 
Torties are insane. I was sitting at my stereo entertainment thing with the glass door open and here comes Bastet running towards me from across the apartment. I couldn't help but just watch with my mouth open as she ran straight into the glass door. It made a horribly loud PING and she walked away embarrassed and stunned. It was like a bird flying head first into a window. Like I said, Torties are insane! x>

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