Where did you get your "adotable adoptees"?

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Jabba the- Cat

Purred: Thu Jul 12, '07 1:34pm PST 
I'm from a PetCo in South Attleboro and Wolfie is from the streets in Brooklyn.


Pay attention to- ME! PLEASE!
Purred: Thu Jul 19, '07 6:02pm PST 
I was adopted from a family who couldn't care for me anymore, they had gotten me from a petstore without being prepared. My foster sister (who is now adopted) was dumped at a kill shelter in Louisiana then brought up to Canada by Furever After Rescue Society. Buddy, Ben and Rosie were to be euthanized because 14 kittens were born at once on a neighboring farm (enough found homes and none were euthanized). Boots was born on our farm.


Baby Seyk
Purred: Sat Aug 25, '07 2:17pm PST 
I was adopted from Angels for Animals based in Bergen County, NJ on 12/9/06 by my Mommy & Daddy. I was three months when they found me and had a long, fat body...but short legs. I was so cute!!

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Daddy's little- girl
Purred: Sun Dec 12, '10 5:15pm PST 
I had another cat and the previous owner wanted her back.So I was in on the lookout for another kitty and a friend's sister found an abandoned kitten where she works.So I said I'd take it sight unseen when Trixie arrived at my door all I saw was this cute little Tuxedo face peeping out of a blanket and that's how Trixie got her furrever home.


I'm learning to- trust humans- again!!
Purred: Wed Feb 1, '12 5:20pm PST 
My Mom got me from a well-meaning lady who said she ran a rescue, but instead took me from a high-kill shelter and couldn't afford to care for me. My Mom and Dad paid the lady $300 for me! I think the lady was more interested in selling dogs than finding homes for us. In my last home, I was abused and must have watched a man abuse his girlfriend because when my Daddy hugs my Mommy...I get very upset and growl until he lets her go. We are working on this all together as a family. I am very protective of my Mommy! I am trying very hard to learn to trust humans again. I'm still scared of strangers and sometimes will bite! My family has me on medication to calm my nervousness and we are working with a trainer to help me with my fearful-aggression. Over all, I am very happy with my new parents who try to keep a calm and quiet household for me. I love my cat brothers

Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Mon Feb 13, '12 11:11am PST 
Hi Everyone,
We're new here to this group.

My story is probably to one similar to many here. I was found by my auntie, actually. I showed up one day, sleeping in an old car with open windows in neighbors yard. Neighbor was feeding me, along with 2 other kitties that had been abandoned by another neighbor. (My aunt and mom eventually found homes for those other kitties).
My Auntie and a lady who was catsitting for my mom got a hold of me...I would go up to everyone, including the postman, to seek affection as well as food....I wanted 'in'.
They took me to get me neutered, and had a rescue to take me, but the rescue changed their mind when I was FIV+.
Mommy and Daddy asked the rescue if I could be shown on the weekend. The rescue agreed (Mommy and Daddy and Auntie had already donated some money to my care and they couldn't really say no, could they-) and I started to be shown on weekends. I hated it however. During the time I wasn't shown, I lived on the screened porch of Mom's mom's home. Mom's mom felt that 'there were too many cats in the house already'-there were 5 at the time-and she just felt it was 'too much'. I lived on the porch, which was glassed in for winter-til Daddy and Mommy got married and I went with Daddy 'down South' to take a job. However, the restaurant Daddy was working in-the owner dissapeared and the place closed. By that time Mom's mom was ill and in the hospital, and I 'came in from the cold'.
Mom and Dad moved to an apartment the next year, and of course, I and Bella went with them. Smokie was from 'the block' and was gotten before they left, so we started with but three....

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