Where did you get your "adotable adoptees"?

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Cleo (The- Queen) RIP

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Purred: Sun Apr 2, '06 8:58am PST 
I got my kitty at the Milwaukee Humane Society.


Loli Poly-Sock- destroyer!
Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 8:10pm PST 
I was saved from the East Valley City Shelter (Los Angeles area). Mom took one look at me and cried. $53 and one scary car ride later, I was in my forever home. Yipee!


I will get a- squirrel....I- will, I will!
Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 3:57pm PST 
I got Jackson from ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) in Muncie, IN. I was a volunteer there for one of my classes at BSU helping out with the dogs. I was there for a few months, and the week after I got back from spring break I went to ARF on my usual tuesday to volunteer. I walked up and saw a litter of husky/shepard mix pups hanging out in one of the outside cages (it was a beautiful day). I thought they were all sooo cute, and I just had to go meet them. So I joined them in the cage for about 20 min, when all but one pup came and greated me. Finally the little black pup with tan eyebrows who was sleeping on his back behind the dog house came to see me. It was my Jack! I watched as all of his brothers and sisters were adopted and he was the only one left. One night I had dreams about him all night long, the next day was a saturday and I jumped out of bed and drove to ARF and told them that I wanted to adopt him! It was so exciting, I had to wait a few weeks to bring him home though b/c I was moving and my apt. didn't take dogs! Now he is 2 yrs old and about 75 IBS...and quite the momma's boy!


my little talker
Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 4:03pm PST 
I got Annabelle from ARPO...the alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership. I wanted to get a new brother or sister for Jackson, but wasn't sure what kind or anything. I knew that ARPO was at petsmart every weekend so I stopped by one afternoon just to "look"...yeah right... So I was walking in when Annie and her foster mom were walking outside to go potty. Oh my goodness...it was love at first sight..she was a butterscotch colored 8 week old fuzzball...I stayed there for at least an hour holding her and getting information. I let it set for a few days to see if I still felt the same way, and I did! So I got online and filled out an application...she was mine a few days later!

manolo- blahnik

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Purred: Thu Apr 6, '06 3:11pm PST 
I was saved from a mean man who kept me locked up in a room with no food.


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Purred: Sat Apr 8, '06 5:27pm PST 
My mum found me wandering the streets near her house. I was very skinny and had obviously not been taken care of very well. She took me home, and tried to find my owner but noone seemd to be missing me. They decided they wanted to keep me but took me to the shelter first to make sure no one was looking for me. I had obviously belonged to someone before ( see I am not a full man), but they didn't want me anymore. My mum hated to leave me in the shelter for 10 whole days! But she came to visit whenever she could. She eventually took me home from the Prince George's county shelter in Maryland, the shelter with the highest kill rate in Maryland and Virginia. I cost her 35$. Who says you can't buy love?


Cairnattitude - My Way!!
Purred: Sun Apr 9, '06 6:27pm PST 
Cassie was our foster cairn from Col Potter Cairn Rescue. We fell in love with her and adopted her within a week!

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Purred: Mon Apr 10, '06 7:02pm PST 
I was in a crate in a basement for three months. I busted all my teeth trying to get out. My new Mom & Dad drove from Chicago to Moline to pick up my Golden Retriever roommate Gipper. They volunteer for AGaG. Mom and Dad adopted me on the spot and took me home with them after they dropped Gipper off at his foster Mom's.


Purred: Fri Apr 14, '06 9:20am PST 
I came from Elmbrook Humane Society.

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Purred: Sun Apr 16, '06 7:12am PST 
Calgary Humane Society. My mommy spotted me at a Petcetera store, who, rather than sell cats and dogs, prefer to showcase adoptable kitties and doggies! I was picked up by the Humane Society on Hallowe'en and my mommy spotted me Christmas Eve.....how special is that???

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