Challenge 2 - Depth of Field

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Purred: Sun Jan 6, '13 3:15pm PST 
I understand what you are saying Talker.. and sometimes the blurred background isnt interestng.... BUT.. sometimes the effect is.

Blurred wall/ground etc can create an illusion... it isnt always "boring".I can see both sides of the equation on that one.... !

The subtlty of texture and imagination can create just as much magic.

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Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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Purred: Sun Jan 6, '13 7:17pm PST 
No doubt Flicka. I've had plenty of photos with beautiful colorful bokeh in the background. Maybe another time we can do a challenge where the colors in the blurred background will be judge.

But I love the idea of the focus and the unfocused of an object.

Plus it's the challenge of being creative and the challenge of combining two subjects and bringing them together in a cohesive way.

One thing that photos need to keep in mind is the cohesiveness in presenting your photo.

Gray Dawn- Treader

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Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 1:40pm PST 
I think I can do this one, but sheesh I need to get on it before I run out of time.

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Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 5:26pm PST 
first of all me wants to let you all know my photographer (mom) is doing MUCH better cheer and although me was afraid me wasn't going to be able to pawticipate in this challenge, me is now looking forward to it way to go

now... me has a couple of pennies to toss in about DOF and as me "see's" it wink

cinematography and still photography are very close relatives, the concepts used are essentially the same... me suggests while you watch your favorite TV programs, pay attention to the DOF used in the scenes... constantly changing, focusing IN on the subject(s) they want you to pay attention to for the story-line, blurring out either the foreground or background or both... of course there are times everything is in focus but there is a flow...

in still photography, busy backgrounds (and foregrounds) have to be evaluated carefully to get the right shot... for example: a potentially fabulous photo is taken of a subject with a wide DOF (i.e. everything is in focus) and after it is "printed" it looks like a tree is growing out of the subject's head eek laugh out loud this could be avoided in spite of a busy background by using a tight DOF... separating the subject to convey the story from abstractions...

that being said... let's see if me can do that big laughbig laugh

Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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Purred: Mon Jan 7, '13 6:41pm PST 
Reba that is a lot said. laugh out loud
But yes it true. I was watching a TV thing and they used the focus on the person talking and then change it to emphasize the other person talking.

Another thing to remember is to really take in your surroundings and make sure you don't have that tree sticking out of your head or some random object appearing which could have been cropped out. So pay attention to your background.


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Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 4:34am PST 
Can we post a black and white picture this time?

Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 6:50am PST 


Whippy- The- Whipador
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 12:37pm PST 
Well, i found i had the perfect picture but it's a year old so falls outside the set time limit of 6 months, so i'm going to try my best to recreate the shot tomorrow! way to go


I'm a good boy!
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 4:46pm PST 
We had another photoshoot today and even though I wasn't cooperating as well as mom would've liked, she has a pic that she is happy with relieved

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Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 9:02pm PST 
Good deal Bonz.

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