A B C Song Game

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Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 7:42am PST 
Love both a them songs Milo and Percy hi5 hi5

"Whenever I Call You Friend" by Kenny Loggins happy dance

Ms Ginger- Jones

Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 12:32pm PST 
Xanadu - Olivia Newton John

♥Bail- ey♥

Bailey- the ladybug
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 3:04pm PST 
A "All that Heaven Will Allow" by Bruce Springsteen

♥Budd- y♥ My- Angel

The Boss
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 3:06pm PST 
Here's a great one that Meowmy used to play on my page, maybe she will againrainbow

"Bless the Beasts and The Children" by The Carpentars

♥Frid- ay DB- #170♥

I'm a Freaky- Friday
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 3:09pm PST 
I luv that one paPa Buddy, we always thinks of you when we hear that one! Here's another one for all of you

"Come Sail Away" by Styx

Sonny Bono- Angel- Dreamboat-#3- 4

Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 3:38pm PST 
Dirty Laundry,The Eagles

Kool song little angelhappy dance


always has time- to lick your- face
Purred: Fri Oct 19, '12 5:55pm PST 
Love that one, Friday! Mom just saw Styx live in August.
Ecstacy - Sarah McLachlan

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Sat Oct 20, '12 11:53am PST 
Percy, I love Sarah McLachlan and love that song too!

For Your Precious Love - Jerry Butler


You Can Never- Have To Many- Hugs & Rubs
Purred: Sat Oct 20, '12 4:25pm PST 
Great Balls of Fire...

♥Frid- ay DB- #170♥

I'm a Freaky- Friday
Purred: Sat Oct 20, '12 7:55pm PST 
Heart of Stone by Cherlaugh out loud

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