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Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
Purred: Sat Jul 14, '12 8:43am PST 
Opie Thunderbear here, reporter at Large and small-----wavebig grin Well, good news and bad news. DROUGHT< DROUGHT< DROUGHT----the farmers are getting worried and o' course many of us live in the heart of farmland---we have cattle and agriculture here---and now the severe drought has finally reached SW Missouri (SFLD., Joplin)
for the first time in I don't know when. confused I say have a little catnip and a little 'nip ale.smile The rain's been spotty in places at best---many of yall are in the same boat.eek
NOW, lessee, GOOD news---we keep hearing of more kitties being saved by kind strangers. big grinway to go and given forever homes. Barney Joe Thunderbear is fat and sassy (not really fat--we won't let him get that way!)
Lessee, we are low on tornadoes for the year (!) but maybe that reflects on low on rain. Hmmmm...weather map shows possibility for t-storms....
Sonnikins---have a happy vacay with yer mommie and quality time! Is it hot there? We are boiling and humid.
At least it's not dry and dusty, Mommi wouldn't make a good westerner---the south-er the better, but the humidity makes one miserable...shrug fredi Murkuri hardly ever comes inside---he won't abide it----we are feeding a feral Russian Blue Auntie Ro calls Smokey Blue and we feed Albert----there was a black kitten too, but haven't seen it for awhile--there's more and more wild ones out there needing to be fed! So we do what we can...that's the gnus for now!
O.T., Ace Reporter, The Monthly Tattle-Raglittle angellittle angel

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Smiley- Cassanova

Purred: Sat Jul 14, '12 6:32pm PST 
That ish quite a report Opie! applause

I am fhrustrated coz our internet and phonesh have gone out 2 timesh fur hoursh and am finally able to getsh on but fur how long?shrug Hmmmpppphhhhhh!


Purred: Sun Jul 15, '12 2:16am PST 
yeah, the drought is reall bad all right, the price of corn is going sky high we here.

So glad to hear about all the kitties being helped, gives us hope for this tired old world of ours.

Sorry to hear about your phone and internet, Smiley. But at least it wasn't 12 dayslittle angel

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Sun Jul 15, '12 6:04am PST 
Yeah, o course the corn price will cause 75% of all food prices to go up ....Smiley, oooooh, we hope yer Internet and phone stay on! We keep getting channels taken away from our tvs by Mediacom, little by little. We must change over to those boxes, er somethin'...thinking....*hhhmph*
P.S. Mommi told Ro she has a heartache for me of late....oh! Barney Joe, my son, dancing, LOVES to drink the water Mommi keeps in an old mango jar with a lid on it. It's just water, but for some reason I guess he thinks it's special. She has to unscrew the lid of course so he can drink out of it, AND, last evening he put his paw on and tried to unscrew the lid! Mommi loosened it some and he had his paw on the side of the lid and was screwing it but kept screwing it on the wrong way and making it tighter. Otherwise he woulda had it, by Ned...way to go

Smiley- Cassanova

Purred: Sun Jul 15, '12 2:46pm PST 
Gosh, our corn ish fury inexpenshive here. Runsh 5 or 6 fur $! and we jusht had the big Corn Feshtival in Brentwood.happy dance

Yesh, I couldn'tsh takesh 12 daysh ReeRee! eek

That wash really precious of Barney Joe to do that Angel Pie Joe! cloud 9

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Purred: Mon Jul 16, '12 2:31am PST 
Yeah......By the end, Daddy was willing the cable to come onbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Barney Joe- Thunderbear

I am lion, hear- me roar!
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '12 6:22am PST 
Mommi's been playing that breed-naming game at our Game Central (on the Community thingie) and won 25 Zealies! You win that for 1000 correct answers. Um, the game's addictive......red facebig grin

Edwina- (Angel Eddy)- DG#1

Big Paw
Purred: Mon Jul 16, '12 11:46am PST 
applauseapplause we played and won all we could and now just play once in a great while dancing We sure do need rain in Indiana relieved

Smiley- Cassanova

Purred: Mon Jul 16, '12 4:45pm PST 
The power went out today and then we had trouble reconnecting with the net again.shrug

I knowsh how that ish ReeRee!laugh out loud

We played that too and maxed out a while back. Did you knowsh you can play the doggie shide too?cheer


Purred: Tue Jul 17, '12 2:37am PST 
I must look into this new and addictive gamesmile

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