Last ManCat To Post Is The Most Handsome!

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Uboo Angel

Hakuna Matata
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 2:24pm PST 
OK Toby, you had the spotlight for a few days. Now it is MY turn. Look at my handsome,white mancat feets! And my loooong white whiskers.

Uboo holds a paw up for all to see happy dance


Going fishing- with FishStick
Purred: Wed Jan 30, '13 9:30am PST 
MOL! You are a handsome ManCat Uboo applause

I am kinda handsome myself big grin


Sweet Angel- Huggs
Purred: Tue Feb 12, '13 7:50am PST 
Move over ManCats... big grin happy dance snoopy hamster dance

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler party


always has time- to lick your- face
Purred: Sat Feb 23, '13 8:12pm PST 
I believe I deserve these honors after bravely being the guinea pig for Platelicker's hydrowash!!! Just look at this shine, just like Fabio, but more handsome!


Fluffy Angel- Huggs... Cartman- ♥
Purred: Tue Feb 26, '13 7:53am PST 
You are awful shiny and handsome Percy way to go

Platelicker almost licked my fur off but I do look handsome kitty

Big Bob

Big Angel- Huggs... Big Bob- ♥
Purred: Mon Mar 4, '13 8:55am PST 
I am feeling mancatly handsome today wave kitty

Tiny Tot

the tinister- kitty
Purred: Sun Mar 17, '13 10:27pm PST 
Hey everyone I been missing from here for a long time but I had to come in and say I am felling pretty deadgum handsome tonight!smile

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Sun Mar 24, '13 7:56am PST 
You are mitee handsome Tiny Tot! wave

Take a gander at me today hamster dance

Big Bob

Big Angel- Huggs... Big Bob- ♥
Purred: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:28am PST 
hamster dance snoopy happy dance hi5


I yowl,- therefore I am
Purred: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:04pm PST 
Hi Big Bob. I'm feeling dadgum handsome today after being chosen cat of the day. But, I just really wanted to gloat in front of Percy, because he's always Mr. Handsome around the house. I'm feeling fine, boys!

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