what does that wiggle wiggle really mean?

Calie- Dreamette- #17

calico girl girl
Purred: Tue Aug 23, '11 8:44pm PST 
Hi mom wants to know what it means when we wiggle our backside just before we pounce on another cat? She kinda thought it means we are happy and wanna play, but mom Ivey is still kinda new to this house hold and not all the kitties really get her yet and so we hiss at her when she pounces....well she used to chase us for real when she first got here now she does the wiggle wiggle before she pounces and her ears are always forward. So is she just trying play with all her new playmates? BTW we still do not like it.

Big Bob

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Purred: Fri Oct 28, '11 7:31am PST 
Hi Callie wave

I think it means we are getting our balance just right with our front paws so we can take off really fast snoopy