A letter to our Rainbow Bridge loved ones


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today is Rainbow Bridge Day , a day to write a letter to your loved one. I saw a beautiful photo on facebook, Paw Prints in the sky , which is our loved ones. Share a letter with us today about one you have lost and God Bless you and your babies both here and at Rainbow Bridge.

In Memory- of.. Inks- Lil' Luke

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Dear Luke, Mack, Jetson, and Grandma Suzy, Thank you for all of your love you gave to me so unconditionally. I miss you so much and wish for one more day, but I know you know I loved you with all my heart. Almost Luke's birthday, in May, you would have been 9 years old, but I know you are able to run and jump now with no pain. Mack, my first Boston, my buddy I miss you. Grandma Suzy, so quiet and beautiful never ask for a thing just to be loved. Jetson, I know your seizures got so bad at the end , now you have peace ,but I miss your smile everyday.

I still miss you and I love you and I will look up in the sky to see your Paw Prints, Love Mommie

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little angellittle angelThere is a lot of sweet angels up in heaven!


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Our momma still crys over the loss of her big bear and teddy bear. We hope they are happy and running free at the rainbow bridge. Waiting for us all to come back to them one day.


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Mom misses Kiki still (but I don't --- nasty cat). I miss my first best-friend-sister, Pixel. She was a swell dog and I loved her very much. That's why we got Lily to come to live with us. I was so sad after Pixel went to the bridge, mom thought I needed a new best-freind-sister. cry

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I miss Captain Morgan he is in heaven.

I loved to play with him and steal his toys.


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We should could us some prayers for our big Red mom thought she had found him a great new home only to find out that he was put down on Friday the Aug 6th. Please send a prayer his way. He was really a good pup who didn't deserve die so young.little angelrainbow


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Oh we are so sorry to hear about Red....just dont know about people in this world anymore.

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Comes over to PB dragging a large box. Looks around for Piglet and carefully leaves it at his feet.

Red In Loving Memory

Our deepest sympathies for your loss Piglet.

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Shelter dogs- Rule!
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Thank you lady Sohpie that was very kind of you to do that for us. mom loves it!!!rainbow