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Yesterday I sent a plea for help (the plea
you will see by scrolloing down)with a link for this petition:

I am asking all Florida rescuers and residents kindly for you support here, as if this happens for us it will not only help our cats, but it will also help others in the future that will have no place to go.
See for years we had our animals having little exposure through web sites and showing them on weekends a Petco, not enough.
Having a store front will open up the changes of these cats of getting adopted and making room for news ones that need help.
As of right now we been able to help very little in our own backyard, because we are full all the time & have been for years.
With this opportunity we will be able to help more local shelters, and local rescuers, I know what you are thinking, if one or 2 go the spaces will fill up, right away.
Well this is true, but then we will have space to help one or 2 more locally, who knows in the future we might be able to take in if and when this happens, at least one cat friendly pooch watch over the cats or help other rescuers with boarding one pooch at a time for free.
Please think of the bigger picture here and
not just think this is for the cats we now have.
Many of you send me pleas every day for animals needing homes, when I can and have space you all know I am there to help, if I cannot help directly I try in helping indirectly being by giving advise or whatever I can do, so now I am asking you for your help and support as it is crucial for this to happen.
Please sign the petition and write officials too, it only takes a minute of your time.
Thank you in advance for your support, feel free to share this e-mail with every dade and broward county person you know, and even if you are not in FL. please share our plea too.
And if you have media contacts please be so kind to ask them if they can help or just direct us to them.
Have an awesome weekend everyone and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your support and caring.
And before I go I want to thank all of that have signed and wrote to officals already, thank you from the bottom of my heart

Celene Albano
HPR Rescue CEO.
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Sent March 18, 2011
Dear members and friends:

I am sorry this is long and I am sorry is taking me so long to give you an update on our moving situation.
It has been to say the least an exhausting and very aggravating process and ordeal and is not over.
But at any rate here is the situation.

Before we started to search for property we contacted Mia Dade Animals services for advise as to what areas to look for property that will allow an animal shelter.
Here is the response we got from animal services.

Good morning Celene,

Retail pet sales must take place in a location zoned for that use. The current zoning code allows for such use in BU-1A and BU-3 zoned locations. Your best resource would be a realtor well versed in commercial properties. You may also wish to speak with a representative from the zoning department to verify any further requirements. The zoning department can be reached by dialing 3-1-1. Regards,

Kathleen Labrada,Enforcement Manager -Miami-Dade Animal Services Department

After their e-mail I called planning and zoning department to verify and they told me that it was correct that I should look into those areas.
Much to my surprise after finding a store front property, centrally located on Biscayne Boulevard and 109 Street, for the awesome price of $850.00 per month, I contacted planning and zoning again with the respective folio # and address of the property to get the proper permits and at that time they informed me that the location even though is a BU-1A location is not zoned for a shelter/adoption center and that we will need to go through a public hearing, that will cost over a thousands dollars, actually $1,200.00 and change to be precise.
They also informed me that the hearing will take longer than 50 days and it may or may not be approved.
This is money we do not have, but even if we did I refuse to give it to government specially to the county that they have shown over and over that animals to them are 5 th. class citizens.
Funny that if we were to open a pet store or a pet care center/boarding facility they will allow it, that is maybe because the county of course will profit from these stores!
Since the news I have written letters to Commissioner Heyman and everyone in her office as this is her district, but they will not even talk to me on the matter because of something called "jennings law" they just told me I have to deal directly with zoning.
Interesting though later on, I was informed by a commissioner of another district that i personally I know, that Jennings law has nothing to do with them not talking to us, that they can talk to us about zoning and can intervene as well, but because of this law they have to make it public hearing which they of course do not want to bother, I guess.

So a letter to zoning director Mr. LaFerrier and everyone in the department below him was sent, but they won't budge, the county just wants money and that is all the care about, no wonder the county Mayor just got recalled and the recall won by 88% of voters!
They don't care if that money can feed many homeless animals!

Yesterday, zoning sent me a map of locations that I could look for property and now I am convinced that these people care very little about animals specially cats.
The zones that will allow such use are indeed in terrible neighborhoods, and I will NEVER jeopardize the safety of the animals.

After getting no-where and getting very much discourages, I decided to start a new search for property where 3 different city's told me that the use will be allow, however the prices for retail stores in those areas range from $1.000 to $1.500 and up so we cannot do.

As of now we are still in dire need of monthly sponsors of any amount even if we are lucky to get this property for $850.00, going higher than that is just impossible.
That said we are going to give this one last effort at getting this property.
But for that we need your help, so I am calling all animal advocates to please show government that animals have a voice.
Opening this commercial store front will not only open up a lot of doors for these animals, but it will also help the community as we will do low cost vaccinations clinics for people that cannot afford regular veterinarian prices and hopefully in the far, far future we may be able to offer low cost spay-neuter clinics as well for low income people. We can do more outreach for the community, the opportunities can be many
Please join us in this fight and write today and also sign the petition, to help us get this store front.
Your time and caring is highly appreciated .

If you write you can write to:

Commissioner Sally Heyman district 4:
Mr. LaFerrier Zoning Director
zoning department:
jac@miamidade.g ov
jvital@miamidade .gov

All you have to say is:

Dear Commissioners and City Zoning Officials....

I am witting to you today to ask that you allow Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc. to move into the commercial property they have rented located at 10905 Biscayne Blvd. , for the purpose running a small scale animal shelter/adoption center for cats, without a zoning hearing and just by acquiring an occupational license.


Please feel free to add your comments or write your own letter and thoughts.

Here is the link for the petition as well please sign we needs as many signatures as we can get to make this happen:

Again thank you for all your caring and support, please feel free to share this e-mail and petition with as many people as you can, feel free to post on your facebook page too.

God Bless,

Celene Albano

HPR Rescue CEO

501c3 Non-Profit.

Tax ID # 42-169-3737

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Sounds like you have an uphill battle to fight. I sure hope you can get the support you need to continue the work that you do. Good luck to you.