Join in the auction to help Vern!

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Finnegan (Finney)

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Purred: Mon Feb 21, '11 2:47pm PST 
Hi everybody! As you know little Vern is doing pretty good and is much better than he was less than 2 weeks ago. He does need some expensive tests done though and because like everybody else in this world right now, his family can't afford it, they're holding an auction for him to raise the funds. Go to this Facebook page and see if you can contribute anything to the auction or help out in other ways.!/pages/Verns-Auction-House/155453441176630

If you're not on Facebook (like we aren't) Go to Vern's page and pawmail his momma and tell her what you'd like to do to help or even just offer support which is JUST as important! Thanks all your gorgeous kitties! We love ya! dancing