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Fat Bat Boy
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 6:23am PST 
Minus 50!?!!!?? That's crazy! Where do you live? (The cocoa looks good!)

Sparkle is, um, better? I guess. I mean, she still scared but at least I can pet her once in awhile. And pull her over into my lap sometimes. Not all the time, but I think she has calmed down a little.

Wow, a whole year, Koby? Your poor mommy! Well, I sure hope she DOES make a full recovery!

Well, mommy has to get off the computer because she has toget ready for work. I'll chat with you all later!

Belly rubs,

Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 9:48am PST 
wave Happy Friday Furiendshappy dance

Koby, what happened to your Momma if you don't mind my asking?

thinkingthinking Maybe the admins can send out a Pmail and set up a time so we can all meet here and Chat and I can get to know you all betterbig grin

Koby, I live way up north in Minnesota. It was so cold last night we could hear the tree trunks snapping. They don't break of course as they're big but they sure snap loud.

Rubio, How're you today?


Fat Bat Boy
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 12:27pm PST 
You know, Angel Lexi, we DID have a chat room on the first page once, but it went away. Maybe Koby and them can bring it back and we can try to all get together again? (We tried a couple times, but there were some technical difficulties and I was rather lonely, thinking it was ME! BOL!)

Minnesota, huh? My Grammie was from Vermont and it got pretty cold up there, too. The tree trunks snapping....sounds kind of scary!

Mommy saw a play last night. It was a musical version of that old scary movie, No Way to Treat a Lady. Mommy thought it was okay, but wouldn't pay to see it again, that's for sure! Last month, she saw Hairspray at the same theatre and it was FANTASTIC!

Belly rubs,

Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 12:52pm PST 
wavewave Rubio

Momma would love to go to Vermont..It's in her Bucket List so maybe somedaythinking She wants to go in the fall and see all the gorgeous hardwoods in color and she really loves old bridges.

I'm glad your Momma enjoyed the other play. Even when Momma goes to a movie she doesn't care for she says, Well that was a waste of $25.00. She goes to plays too but not so much in the winter as the ride down to Duluth is so steep and slippery.

Hey here comes my friend Mario with the Pizza and Soda I ordered us for lunch!


Fat Bat Boy
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 2:45pm PST 
Yum yum! Munch, munch, slurp, slurp! Thank you, Angel Lexi! You are SO thoughtful!

Mommy is real lucky, she got to go to Vermont (and Massachusettes and New Hampshire) many times as a child growing up to visit all her relatives. It IS beautiful in the Fall! HIGHLY recommended! Now that almost everyone in her family is gone, except for some cousins and step family, she probably won't go too often.


Sent Here To- Heal
Purred: Sun Jan 23, '11 12:47pm PST 
wave Hi guys!

So Angel Lexi...your fur sibling is part wolf!!?!?!? oh my goodness! is she (i think you said girl? i could be wrong) mean? With the correct amount of training though, any animal can be nice!

And Angel Lexi, mom fell down the steps because she wasn't paying attention. She went to the hospital and they told her she had pulled the main ligament in her left foot and it was possible that she cracked a few bones in the back of her foot. Momma is a dance instructor and this is a veryyy bad thing to happen to a dancer!!

& Yes! We USED to have a chat room. A few things did occur with it, though. To start, it just wasn't gaining too much popularity. We had MAJOR issues getting everyone a screen name and picture. We had a private chat room so you HAD to be on when a moderator was on in order to be added to the chat room...and we soon found out, that was harder than expected. Our other administrator (Smokey Joe & his family) were the creators of the chat room but since they were never on they could not add any of us into the room and it became locked. Since it was useless then, we deleted it.

- Nakota.

Angel Lexi- ...Gone But- Never

Angel Kisses And- Butterfly- Whispers
Purred: Sun Jan 23, '11 5:59pm PST 
wave Hi Rubio and Nakota

Yes Nakota My Sisfur is part wolf and she is very sweet unless she's out in the yard..Then it's her territory and it's by invite onlylaugh out loud Momma worked as a vet tech and learned about hybrids and they are not for everyone because they are wild and always will be so can't be trusted like a dog. Love them, Spoil them yes but trust is NO so Momma can never turn her back to Monnie. She snuggles and gives kisses and for the most part acts like a shepherd.

That's too bad that the chat didn't work. Maybe we could all just meet here sometime and share in friendshipbig grin

Angel *RIP- My Sweet- Prince*

My Sweet Little- Prince
Purred: Mon Jan 24, '11 5:51pm PST 
BOL! I agree completely, Lexi (cute name! my mom had a collie named Lexi!). I think that goes for "dangerous" breeds such as pit bulls, rotweilers, german shepards and such. If you aren't going to take the time to train the PROPERLY do not get them. ANY dog can be a sweet heart with the proper training.

It's not like we're against the chat rooms at all...we just feel like they were doing more harm than good.

little angel
- Angel.


Fat Bat Boy
Purred: Mon Jan 24, '11 7:14pm PST 
Well, my G-Pa is back from the hospital after his surgery today. It went very well. He is super tired and still has a burning issue, but that is to be expected!

The chat room was very cool, but it was so confusing and really impossible at times! It seems we were never on at the same time and it just made it hard!

I know other groups have had parties....does anyone know how that works?

Cody Noel - 12/25/09- -07/03/10

Gone but never- forgotten
Purred: Thu Jan 27, '11 7:15am PST 
Mama is having a really hard time lately. Our beloved Blackie crossed the rainbow bridge this past Monday. This passing is harder on mama then when I passed....cause Blackie was in the care of our Nana's boyfriend and we found out that Blackie had an infection for the past month that went untreated and that is what killed him frown Mama is so mad that she is talking about calling animal control so that they take all his other cats from him before this happen to them too. She knows it wasn't Nana's fault cause she doesn't live with him but at the same time why didn't someone let mama know he was sick. If they couldn't afford the care mama would have paid for it. Just don't know what to do anymore.

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