adoptable dogs found on dogster


Sir Stumps A-lot
Purred: Sun Jan 2, '11 3:48pm PST 
tasha hess femail boxer
songs femail boxer
abby femail beagle/pekingese
kisha femail akita/belgian sheapard groenendeal way to go
rambler male german sheperd
midnight femail flat-coated retrever
zuzu femail fltcoated retrever/americanstaffoardshire terroir
nutmeg femail boxer little angel
eastwood male boxer
ssugar ray femail boxer/breedunknown
harvey male boxer
riddle male pug
morgan femail beagle

if i did not get your adoptable dog make a coment below and i will put him or her on the next update did i help you find tour new friend comment below like to seethedoogs and cats comment any other reason just comment wave