how many is too many?


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Hi we are new to the group and are just wondering what are all your thoughts on how many is too manny cats. My mom thought years ago that 1 was enough silly mom......she had only one for over 18 1/2 years. She became a multi cat mom really fast smile se there was just booboo and then just 4 mths later she fostered me and fell in love. 7 mths later she fostered 5 kittens after one found a home the rest of the four stayed with us, so there were 6 then alley went to the bridge 2 mths ago and now there are five of us. Mom loves us all the same and even the extra work to clean house is worth it but some silly humans think she and my dad have toooo many kitties. We have a two story large home and an outdoor kitty pad with a kitty tree in it and more kitty trees inside and lots of toys.

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I think only your mommy and daddy can decide that big grin As long as all of you are happy and healthy only they can make that decision. If you check around, there are many furamilies with lots more than 5 laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Right now we have 5 and one foster we are trying to find a furever home


king of my home
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I think your right mom and dad know best and we are very happy kitties and healthy too. Thanks for thoughts. Mom did say when there were six of us that six was the limit but then again one never knows... smile


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Meowllo LittleBoy wave

When, as MamaCat says... "God sent you for me to find you", (outside her works office) I became the number 10 kitty for MamaCat cheer Just her and us purrs live at home now.

She do not care what peoples say 'bout it. It is her life and until they pay for her life... she don't listen to comments! She works to bring home the bacon and the Treats wink

She had more when she lived in the country, but strays always comin' around and people drop off cats and dogs. So furry sad. She always fed them and kept water out for them best she could cloud 9

We stay inside only and life is good kitty

Sometimes kitties may come into our lives for reasons unknown for our benefit. Your Mommie and Daddy are kindhearted compassionate people and the world needs more of them big grin

Life is way to short to stress ofurr how many animals to own. And if we don't take lost ones in, their lives may be very short and sad frown

Oh my goodness, I gonna get MamaCat down off of her soapbox now red face
Forgive her, she is a good girl cheer

Many huggs and remember it is never too many as long as you can care for the babes purroperly kissing

** now MamaCat come ofurr here and take a catnap **


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Littleboy, as yous knows...there bees 6 of us here!!!wavewave

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Hi there! big grin

We are new to the group, too! There are 10 of us and we live in a 2 bedroom apartment that's not even huge, but we have perches in every window, 5 super-jumbo litter boxes that mommy cleans 2x/day, she keeps us clean, our nails trimmed, our ears clean, 2 of our bums trimmed, baths when needed, Innova dry food and for treats, Halo "Spots Stew" wet food (It's Ellen Degenerous' product) - it looks and smells like food, people food and the cats love it! We all (including mommy) have always drank Mountain spring water, etc. We have tunnels and toys galore!

Mommy is now on permanent disability, but has learned to take lots of shortcuts (except with anything having to do with us - she has CareCredit so we all get our vet visits when needed). She buys our medicines and fluids at Costco (SO cheap!) She gives us all individual attention and love and play (she's home all the time), so I think (and I'm her "boyfriend" cat, very special boy I am), as long as your mommy and daddy take special care of you like you said, all is good!

p.s. Mommy has a Cal-King bed, so we actually all fit on it and surrounding perches. big grin

Hugs and love to your family,

~ Tiny D.

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shock wow!! Sounds like you have an awesome mommy!


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There are only the two of us here! My brother Thorn and I like that just fine. We both were on the streets scared and ran up to our now parents begging for shelter. Thorn found our dad 5 years ago at a 7/11 where he had stayed for a few months according to the manager. He jumped in dads arms and would not get down, so dad brought him home. I was a tiny kitten that got dumped overnight in the vacant lot near my new home. It was winter, cold, and rainy. I made it to the front porch and when mom opened the door i cried. she picked me up, took me inside and warmed me up while dad ran to the store for kitty formula. They checked the vacant lot and found another kitty from my litter but it didn't survive. We are happy with just the 2 of us for now and so are mom and dad. We will see what happens if another cat finds mom and dad!

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applauseapplauseapplauseapplause for you! sounds like it turned out the way it's supposed to be way to go


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oh my! we have been away and did not realize any kitty was reading this post frown we need to pay more attention.
We all have our special time with mom and also with dad and mom makes group play time for us each day too. We get treats every day and FF for dinner and some dry kibble during the day.
We got a new kitty in the house now since I posted this first entry. I am not sure where to put it but we are looking to get more advice on how to make sure all of us stay happy as we adjust to this new addition she came from the streets like boo and I did.