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I just cant quite get the hang of potty training


Purred: Sat Dec 18, '10 3:23pm PST 
Hello, My sister Cleo invited me and my sister Sassy to join. She said that there are a lot of nice cats here to chaqt with. This is pretty imbaresing way to start making friends. but I have been pretty upset. My Dad thinks I shouldnt need a litter box because we can go out side any time we want, My sisters like that, but I just cant seem to keep up, even when mom puts a litter box in the bathroom for me like right now since I have stitches from getting spade. I don't always use it, mom cleans up after me, makes sure the spot doesn't smell like urine. but I am crafty at finding places to go potty. I went to the vet and got a clean bill of help. Any suggestions? I would really like to be a big girl like my sisters. Thank you in advanced for all of your help!

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Purred: Sat Dec 18, '10 10:25pm PST 
Have you tried a different litter? And do you keep the litterbox somewhere where there is privacy? Some kitties like privacy and some do not like to go outside. My brofur Wyatt, when we were allowed outside, would always come in to do his "business" and so would my sisfur Lilly-Rose. I'm the only one who gets to go outside these days and I'm always on my leash, and I always use the litterbox just before we go out.


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Thank you for your reply, Mommy has tried a couple types of litter, even shredded news paper, Mom does see me use it , Our litter box is in the bathroom, which is private most of the time. Mommy told me that if I can get used to using the box she will just have to talk dad into keeping it in the bathroom. Is there somethings Mommy can do besides keeping it really clean that would help me remember it is there? or be more interested in using it? Thank you

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thinkingthinkingthinking you can try treating her like a kitten, taking her in every few hours. Or if she does go outside, maybe there's a place out there you can put a litterbox

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Yea mom said maybe take her to the potty often to help her member might help and can you leave her in the bathroom without acess to the rest of the house for a few days? So she is always right near the box when she has to go? I used the potty on mom's couch just one time when I was still kinda new in the house, mom thinks I just forgot where it was but she kept me in the bathroom at night time with my sisters and brofur at night time for a while and I never had another accident in the home.


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I am a little bit ofurr 2 years old and when we were little babes our litter box 'o clumpin' litters was furry close to us and we found it purrty quick big grin and it was fun to climb in and play and wee and poo dancing

red face Yep. I said wee and poo red face 'Course they were furry tinie teenie weeds and poops cloud 9 And fun to bat around in the litters box laugh out loud

Kittens jus' wanna have fun party

Maybe you jus' gettin' all lost and stuff tryin' to find that box thinking

Mama sat us in the litters box A LOT too laugh out loud

I mean A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh this might help - a few times when we missed with the teenie poops, Mama put them in the litters box and sat us in the box and let us smell around and teach us how to know 'bout the box place happy dance


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Thank you for your replies! My mommy has always had the litter box in the bathroom. She put one back in there about a week ago and things have been getting better although this morning I tried to use the bathtub red face


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I know I haven't been on in a while, life has been interesting, I have been really sick I got had a sinus infection when I was adopted, and My mommy got me antibiotics but it must have not gotten all of the infection out. I have been on several rounds of antibiotics and I have been feeling so much better, this has had several advantages. one i have more energy than I have had in a long time. and I have not had an issue using the potty. although i am band from the laundry room because the dirty clothes are so appealing to use as a potty