I'm 18 today!


I\'m so pretty!- Oh so pretty!!
Purred: Mon Nov 1, '10 9:26pm PST 
I haven't been around much, we lost my 15 yr old brudder McDuff to cancer last Dec 14 and Mom has had a hard time posting for him here crycrycry

I just wanted to say I am 18 today and still going pretty strong! party party party

Hope everycat had a great Howl-o-weenie!


Kissi- (Key-sea)

The Purr- Princess
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Mr. Lazy Pants
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Happy birthday! I hope my girl Rhoda doesn't ever have to see me have the same fate. . . She's only a two year old tortie. . . But happy birthday! I'm ten or eleven now so I'm great too. dancing