The Code of the Ninja

♥- Daisy- ♥

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Purred: Wed Sep 15, '10 5:20pm PST 
Being a ninja is not ALL about fighting, being tough, and kicking other cats' hindquarters. It is also about being able to take things literally and smoothly do things with talent for helping others of a simular interest or trait. You will understand exactly what I mean if you just read this simple list of rules:
1.) Take things seriously. Make sure to approach things without scaring an ally, but rather helping them.
2.) Be sure to think before taking a move. Careless mistakes will not make you become a ninja, even at the slowest rate.
3.) Keep things smooth. Don't panic when something goes wrong; just approach it with your maximum ability.
4.) Be sure to save your energy till later against your opponent in a battle.
5.) Please remember this: Being a ninja is not all about dressing in black and fighting people that call you a name and refusing to smile or laugh; actually, it does not have anything to do with that; what being a ninja is is just being the skillful feline warrior you are as you help those who are important to you, and yes *sigh* fight when it is needed.


Purred: Thu Sep 16, '10 7:07am PST 
Love the rules way to goway to goway to go. I'll keep them in mind big grin

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Purred: Thu Sep 16, '10 12:37pm PST 
Thank you, Gizmo. Remember that you do not have to worry about these rules strictly at all times; especially when you are just laying around the house, hanging out with your friends like Fallon or Jacky or your mom, etc. The main times that we would like for you to pay attention to these rules is when you are participating in the "Japanese Fighting" or the "Fighting Training Arena (event) forums. Please note: "We are not that annoyingly big on rules."


Purred: Thu Sep 16, '10 1:11pm PST 
Pawsome!!! way to goway to goway to go