Please Post your Rainbow Bridge Day!

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Shadow ( My- Sweet Angel)

Fang Boy
Purred: Sun Jul 18, '10 3:27pm PST 
Hello My Friends,

Please post your Anniversaries at the Bridge so we can plan a Memorial Service for you!

You can also post your Birthday, Gotcha Day, and if you happened to have gotten married.


Shadowlittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

Blackburn's- Angels ILM

Purred: Sun Jul 18, '10 5:38pm PST 
We are new members. Here is are all our special days.

Butterball (maltese/toy poodle) 12-25-74 ~ 2-27-88

Rags (terrier mix) (gotcha day~3-10-88) 7-13-87 ~ 7-31-98

Skeezics (toy poodle) 9-20-91 ~ 12-27-02,

Misty (toy poodle) 9-15-87 ~ 7-20-03,

Snuggles (toy poodle) 9-10-89 ~ 4-3-05,

Peanut (caviepoo) 7-6-07 ~ 3-29-08,

Precious (caviepoo) 7-6-07 ~ 6-27-08,

Odie (shi tzu) 6-15-99 ~ 12-4-08,

Xena (toy poodle/yorkshire terrier) 9-15-99 ~4-13-09.

Thank you~Blackburn's Angels

Suki ~- Forever In- My Heart

Suki Babe
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 3:50am PST 
wave Thankyou for the invite

My Bridge Anniversary is Sept 28th (2006)I was 19 when I crossed

My Birthday is 24th May

Purrs Suki

Angel- Capri~Foreve- r loved

We miss- you,Angel- Capri!!
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 9:41am PST 
This is very nice! here are our Bridge Crossing dates:
Angel Monaco:1992-Spring 1998 (he had kidney failure)

Angel Marvin:1994?- 2004.(He was a rescue we had a while ago. He was an outdoor cat,and we hadn't seen him for months when he got out once. After about not seeing him for a year,when we moved,we didn't see him. We think something happened to him out there)

Angel WHat's New Pussycat:2000-2002.(He had kidney failure)
Angel Torrie:1998?- August 2004.(Like Marvin,she went outdoors. She moved with us,but she got out after only being here for five months. We are 99% sure that our evil neighbors poisoned her. (They had threatened to poison our dog if she EVER went in their yard.)

Angel Capri: April 4th 1992-January 29th 2010♥. (Our poor baby girl passed due to unknown reasons. That awful morning,she was at the end of the bed. I went to pet her,and she was already gone. She wasn't sick before. We will never know what happened. All we know is that she lived a long,happy lifelittle angel

Weeble - Kitten Angel

I may wobble,- but I never fall- down!
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 3:38pm PST 
Hi Shadow! Thank you for this wonderful group. All 5 of us (my brother Moonshadow, and my 3 sisters Virgo, Nova, and Luna) went to the Bridge on October 22, 2009. Our mom is dreading that day and would like to have some sort of memorial for us to help her get through that aweful day. She never got to bury us, cremate us or do anything to help her grieve our deaths (our murders, actually!)

Shadow ( My- Sweet Angel)

Fang Boy
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 5:38pm PST 
Weeble, we will have a Memorial Service for the 5 of you! Just Paw mail me if there is anything special that, you would like to have in the service. Even Music, etc. We have a couple members who are more than happy to do the Memorial Services for us! Sugar and Buster.



Weeble - Kitten Angel

I may wobble,- but I never fall- down!
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 8:12pm PST 
Thank you Shadow! Our mom says "Thanks" for being there for us and for her. She doesn't know how she would cope if it weren't for friends like you! And Sugar and Buster! hug

Wanda- 2000-2006

don\'t get in my- way
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 9:07pm PST 
My bridge day is February 8th, 2006, my birthday is March 10th, 2000, I was not quite 6 years old. I had a massive stroke, it was very sudden, no warning. Meowmy cries just thinking about it still.

Shadow ( My- Sweet Angel)

Fang Boy
Purred: Mon Jul 19, '10 9:08pm PST 
Your Welcome Sweety! hughughughughughughughug


Good Dog!- Neighborhood- Dog!!
Purred: Tue Jul 20, '10 4:54pm PST 
Hi I am Banditwave My birthday was November 9th 1996 and my crossing day was June 21,2009. I left Mama a year ago too and she still misses me sooo much...

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