Request Lines Are Open!

Burleous (In- Loving- Memory)

DJ of The- Glitter Katz
Purred: Sun Jul 4, '10 9:50pm PST 
Hi Everyone,

As you notice, we have a playlist now! Feel free to post your Song request, the title and artist. And if you happen to be sending it out to anyone special!


Burleous DJ of the Glitter Katz

Daisy ( My- Precious- Angel Girl

Daisy Girl
Purred: Tue Jul 6, '10 8:26pm PST 

Can you play something by Alan Jackson?

Burleous (In- Loving- Memory)

DJ of The- Glitter Katz
Purred: Tue Jul 6, '10 8:49pm PST 
Thank You for calling in Daisy! I have found a few Alan Jackson Song's just for you! Enjoy sis!




Bluest Eyes in- Iowa
Purred: Tue Oct 12, '10 3:48pm PST 
waveHey Gidgit, Burleous, efurFur! Long time no hear frum anyfur in dis gwoup!hugHow iz efurone?! I wanted to make a suggestion, can we makes our page dresseded up fur Halloween? I'll see wat I can do to make da background luks gud an' u let me no's if u like it, ok?big grinhappy danceway to go

I miss efurone! Gweat songs, btw! Lubbs it! Anymore suggeshonz?