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Buddy-Budd- da Blue

I will have my- treats NOW!
Purred: Wed Jul 28, '10 7:48am PST 
Hey Dude'z! Wazzup!kitty
*Slowly walks in and puts one paw on the bar*
Man I am happy to rest a bit when the Daze is donehappy dance
And I mean Daze! I been working cat jobs all over the place in this heat! I Need a break! kitty
Barkeep! Gimmee a... Lessee... nip-nog, no! Mouse-n-merlot, nah! Hey hows about whippin up a 7 and Salmon, you know a chunk of salon blended with some seagrams over crushed ice! That lower shelf stuff is ok if ya do it right...
*Lays back and chills with that Buddy smile*
happy dance


King of my- Castle
Purred: Wed Jul 28, '10 12:54pm PST 
Hey Guys! I need a place to hide! I heard my meowmy talking about taking me to the v-e-t on Saturday for SHOTS! She said words like
"rabies" and "it's time again" and "he's too fat" and "diet" and "claw trimming"!eek

I don't know about you, but I think I'm purrfect just the way I am. Why does she want me to lose weight - and I don't need no stinkin' shots - I'm an indoor cat - and good grief - leave my claws alone!!!! I like the way Tabby Little does them at the Barber Shop!

I hate to admit to being afraid of anything, but I'm getting scared.

*runs off to hide under the bed*


The Silly Guy
Purred: Fri Jul 30, '10 7:38am PST 
Sorry to hear you have to go to the v-e-t Greyson, that really stinks! As for losing weight, your vet should know that us Man Cats are all muscle! We do manly work, so we build manly muscles! laugh out loud

Hope you find a good hiding spot!

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Jerry- (Sweet- Angel)

Purred: Fri Jul 30, '10 9:27am PST 
Good luck Greyson. Mommy alway's find's me no matter where I hide. Yes I agree. All us man cats are all muscle !


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Fri Jul 30, '10 2:39pm PST 
Yeah it takes alot of hard work to build up these meowscles! I try & jump to as many high up places to nap as possible just to work out. I would like a milk straight up please MR. Barman!

Toby Tomcat- Dreamboat- #122b

Is it time to- Play??
Purred: Sat Jul 31, '10 7:09am PST 
**Toby Slides in the door looking sleek(He spent 2 hours getting ready for this entrance)**kitty
Hey Guys I now have my Man Cat Hard Hat(Thanks Bush's) so I feel good about coming in for a relaxer! smile
Barkeep How about a Tuna-Juice Cocktail. No ice thanks. Shaken not stirred.kitty
So Grayson I know how you feel. I had mine a bit back. My brofurs get pretty worked up but I always try and kind of hunker down low and purr real loud so the doc is easy with my shot. What IS all that trimming about anyhow? Gee-whiskers!


King of my- Castle
Purred: Sun Aug 1, '10 10:20am PST 
Hey there, Toby! You look real manly with your new hard hat! Don't the Bush's do a Catastic job? Hip hip hooray for the Bush Family! cheer

My trip to the vet wasn't too bad. I tried to be very manly about the whole thing. I had a rabies shot and didn't even whimper! I showed Dr. Jason how tough a ManCat is! My meowmy told him all about Catster and Power of the Paw and MCAW! He just smiled. shrug

Anyway, I was pronounced healthy (except for being overweight and having hyperesthesia). The FHS is under control so we're not changing the medication, but I have to go on a diet! Rats! Dr. Jason said that I'm OBESE! How can that be? I only weigh 17.6 pounds. naughty

And then, to add insult to injury, he clipped my claws! naughtynaughty I tried to tell him that I need them to be long and sharp for my work here at MCAW, but he didn't pay any attention.

So.. barring any work related incidents, I don't have to go back there for another year. Now that that's over with, I could use a tall frosty mug of that tuna juice! big grin

Morris My- Sweet Prince

Cat With 9-Lives
Purred: Sun Aug 1, '10 2:34pm PST 
wave Greyson ! Tuna Juice sound's so good. Glad the visit went ok. I'm a big man cat myself. Far as I know I'm ok to. Mommy doesn't tell people about catster anymore. They alway's looked at her like she was nut's. MOL !


Mr. Sweetness
Purred: Sun Aug 1, '10 4:23pm PST 
Hi Morris and Greyson
I hope you have both had a nice weekend
Put his paw on the bar and has a sip of tuna juice after a hard days work... I was helping Dad today with his projects!!

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Tue Aug 3, '10 1:22pm PST 
~ Platelicker man cat strolls up to the bar and orders a tuna juice on the rocks ~

Hey Men wave Greyson, 17 pounds is not fat. I am 18 pounds at last visit when I was groomed and punctured with needles a couple months ago. Mama told the Vet that I am not fat just big boned big laugh

I am solid muscle Mama says. She can barely lift me up when she is on the potty red face I am 4 years old I think. You are ok Greyson way to go

"Say, Barkeep, this tuna juice on the rocks is dandy!"

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