Honey - 1994-2010

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We haven't been on lately, so much has been keeping me busy & just have not had the time but just wanted to ask prayers for Honey. She is 15 & 1/2 now & has been going downhill fast these past few months but I believe that it is now time to let her go to the bridge, peacefully & before the suffering is any worse. the vet took her off the Rimadyl a while back & started her on pain meds plus the incontinenece meds she was already taking & steroid. But she just had a huge accident, it looked like her bladder had exploded. Plus she has lost so much weight & looks bad in general.Plus she cannot use her back legs due to the arthritis. So she falls down all the time & I pick her up & help her to walk all day long. But her mind has still been good so I didn't want to do it yet but I feel like this is it. I had hoped I would know when the time is right & now I have a different feeling so I guess this is it. It's time for us to step up & be good parents & do right by her. I guess I'm asking for prayers for us to do this as well as for her. This isn't the 1st time we have had to put a beloved baby down but it never gets any easier. Not that it should. Well, didn't mean to go on so long , just intended to ask for prayers! thanks, Honey's mom

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Honey - 1994-2010

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don't know if anyone cares, but Honey went to the Bridge at 5pm today.
her mom

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So sorry for your loss! Purring for your during this difficult time.