~Rainbow Bridge Day April 1, 2010~

Cisco Kid

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cloud 9 It's that time of year again angels...RAINBOW BRIDGE DAY.

20 years ago someone started a tradition to honor their beloved furbaby(ies) that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Every year on April 1st the furbaby's parent writes them a letter or note and puts it inside a helium balloon and releases it up to Heaven where it flies straight to the Rainbow Bridge. Mama has been caring on this sweet tradition for the past 2 years and hopes that other angels will too....let's fill the sky with balloons of every color of the rainbow on that day! Mama is going to post my letter in my diary for everyone to read and she is hoping that you will do the same..


Scrappie- Dew@ Rainbow- Bridge

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little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

This is a great tradition!!!! My mom will post her letter to me in my diary on April 1st as well. Cisco Kid, you are the best!!!!!!!!

Your furever furiend,
Scrappie Dew, ^PAWS^ & family


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Mrs- Ian
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Mum will certainly join in with that tradition Cisco.
What a great idea. little angel

Sadie/ In- loving- memory

My Angel Girl
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What a great idea, my mommy says she will send me a balloon and letter too.little angel

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What a great tradition! applause Mommy says that s a wonderful idea. My family also will grab some balloons and fill with notes, letters and other memorabilia that we might have left on Earth. The air will be filled with beauty and love that day. Mommy will also send an xtra balloon for Sadie, she is so sweet and I really adore her!hail

Cisco Kid

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dog Don't forget, tomorrow (April 1) is Rainbow Bridge Day...get ready to watch balloons and bubbles float down...


Cisco Kid

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hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance Whoo Hoo...hey every fur...come on over here and see my balloon...cloud 9

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Cisco, your mom is so beautiful.

Cisco Kid

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