Please post your birthday

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Dottie- ♥

STOP throwing- garbage in my- bed!
Purred: Mon Oct 4, '10 1:27pm PST 
I'm Dotty and I was around March 15, 2006. I don't know for sure if that's the EXACT date, but it's around there.

Speedy- ♥

I will be nicer- if you drop the- treats.
Purred: Mon Oct 4, '10 1:29pm PST 
I'm Speedy and I was born in April, 2004. I'm like Misty though, I'm not for sure what the exact date was. I'm pretty sure it was towards the beginning of the month though, so you can just say the 1st.


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Purred: Mon Oct 11, '10 9:12pm PST 
Hi everyone,

It is nice to meet you, we have added in your birthdays to our group list. If you didn't have a specific day listed we put you done for the 1st of the month you list, that way we can still post your birthday to the group and send you a gift .. Hope you have have here at the group and we hope you make lots of new kitty friends.partykitty

Patches - Rainbow- Bridge- 10/23/

I must be near- daddy
Purred: Tue Oct 12, '10 4:21pm PST 
Hi, i'm Patches! My birthday is 7/10/86, my bridge day is 10/23/09, and my gotcha day is 7/6/06. Yes, I was abandoned at 20 years old, but daddy found me and I was loved for my last 3 years!cloud 9 little angel

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Wed Oct 13, '10 6:35am PST 
Hi effuryone wave

My name is Kaci Sunshine and my birthday is May 1, 1996. dancing

Savannah Angel

Purred: Wed Oct 13, '10 8:01pm PST 
HI Patches and Kaci-sunshine,

We are so happy to get your special days in our group book. You have been added in and now we can join in on your special day. Hope you make lots of new kitty friends here and have lots of fun.. Please feel free to start a new topic or game...

Kitty kisses,
Girliehappy dancekittyparty


rub my belly!!!
Purred: Tue Nov 9, '10 10:25am PST 
hehehe, opps, well we just missed it. Me and River were added to our forever home on November 1st and mommy counts that as our 'birthday' because that's when our real life began!

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