What's in a Name?

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Junior- Fluffkins

Let's play. Now.- NOW. I SAID- NOW!!!!
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 7:35pm PST 
So I was pondering names. Clyde started it but Muffy sure kept the thoughts going. Moms call us stupid names but we have real names. MANLY names. Clyde has a ganster name.

I was named after a rooster for two reasons. First, roosters make noise at dawn and when mom first nabbed me off the streets, I started bellowing at dawn (4:35am that August morning). Second, I clawed Mom on the same shin that her friend's rooster did with his dew-claw while attacking her. That rooster's names was Junior and HE was a manly bird. Fought all sorts of things to protect his flock. Mom named me after that Junior.

What about you guys? Tell us about your ManCat names??


Jasper,- Angel- Dreamboat- #49a

Can I get you a- drink?
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 8:09pm PST 
Well, Jasper is a guy's name, but it frankly strikes me as a name for a tie-and-cuff-links kind of guy. A cat who has a thin mustache and owns a smoking jacket. I prefer being called Jazzie or Jazz-Bo or DJ Jazzy Jeff.

My brothers have great guy's names. Severian was named for a character in a novel who is a torturer and executioner. Broadaxes, swords, cat-o-nine-tails. Them are some tools! Torbjorn translates to "Thor's Bear," and the pink monkeys call him Bear. You can't get much more hairy, manly man than that.


The Red Rocker
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 8:41pm PST 
I'm named after the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar... Sammy likes to drink Cabo Wabo tequila and hang with the guys - that's me! happy dance

Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 8:49pm PST 
Oh neato nifty names you all have! And so much fun to hear about the history of my Man Cat pals. Oh golly gee wiz my Cowboy Kitty self has a simple name - YOLO, cuz I was rescued from the Yolo County SPCA death row. Yolo County is in 1/2 of Sacramento which is in California. Some nice lady put me on a truck and shipped me from there with dogs and other kit kats to the big CIty of San Francisco where I went to the San Fran SPCA. I was really called "Bamboo" in my first months at Yolo County SPCA. Now.. I ask you - who ever heard of a Man Cat named Bamboo? Yee Haw

Tabby Little

In love- with- Missy!
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 10:13pm PST 
Uh boy, do I have to? Well here goes:

I am least of a pint, but not to be confused with Halfpint, who was my half sisfur.

I am smaller than a football, which is okay, I don't get out on the field anyway.

I am orange and striped, so that makes me a tabby.

Well, put the tabby with being little, well, do you get it........now do you really get it?


But I'm tuff, really tuff, so the tuff don't mess wif me, I'm a construction crew memfur and don't you furget it. HAHA just kiddin' wif yabig laugh


Meow like you- mean it!!
Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 10:25am PST 
Well, mum & dad had a long discussion over what to name me. I was mom's pick so ultimately she got the deciding vote on my name.

Anyways, they thought since I was such an orange little kittymy name should have something to do with that color. So they discussed and couldn't come up with any cute orange names. Then mom remembered about the drink Orange Julius and wala! Julius became my name.

Now mom says I have grown into my name in another aspect...Julius Caesar...she says I'm quite the little ruler over the other kitties winklaugh out loud

Dirty Harry

Purr- like you mean- it
Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 10:32am PST 
Well, dad got to pick me out at the shelter so he got to name me. He is a big Clint Eastwood fan so he named me Dirty Harry after that tough cop character Dirty Harry Callahan.

Mom just calls me Harry. She actually liked what I was named at the shelter, Peter. But me, I like my name. Its tough like me!

So if you want to make fun of my name, "you've got to ask yourself 1 question, Do I feel lucky? Well, DO ya, punk?" "Go ahead, make my day!"
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud How's that for a tough mancat?
thinking I just don't know why I let that Julius be the top cat of the houseshrug Guess cause he was here first.

Junior- Fluffkins

Let's play. Now.- NOW. I SAID- NOW!!!!
Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 12:09pm PST 
Great stories!! way to gohappy dancehappy dance

Hey, Tabby Little, are you going to be Tabby Little when you grow up, like Stuart Little?

Julius, my mom LOVED orange juliuses wave Are they still available?

And so far, I'm the only non-orange cat posting. What's up with that?laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud


Edited by author Fri Jan 29, '10 12:10pm PST

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 12:12pm PST 
Dang Guys! I love all your Name stories, but I have to meow Dirty Harry has us beat hands down applause

Come on, 'Platelicker', I love my name and I answer to it for supper laugh out loud
But it is no Dirty Harry silenced

Although I am the roughest, tumblest purr at Mama's. Ask Mama. True dat. Maybe I could go with Dirty Platelicker thinking

or Platelicker Harry frown Nope. Although my alias is 'Plateliquor'. Sounds kinda European and spyish. big grin


The Silly Guy
Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 3:38pm PST 
I'm named after one of the coolest, most manly cats in Hollywood, Paul Newman. He passed away just a couple of weeks before I was adopted, but Mom wasn't sure about the name "Paul" for me. One of his best known flicks was "Cool Hand Luke" and Mom likes the name Luke - it's very masculine sounding. I don't have his famous blue eyes, but Mom thinks I am just as handsome!

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