What's In Your MAN CAT Lunch Box?

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Tabby Little

In love- with- Missy!
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 9:55pm PST 
Hi Greyson and Jasper, good to see you takin' lunch breaks, can't get too much energy you know.


Well I tink I'll get some measurings done fur later I will need somebody to cut me a piece of wood 4 quarters and half a foot long and thus seam this together wif the end piece over dare...........you know.........

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 4:13am PST 
Hi my Indian PurrBrother Tabby Little wave
Today in my man lunch box, I brought wheat bread and bolonie big grin
Mama packed a lot so there enough for everyone hug
"spit" big grin

♔Gordy♔- DB#20

Gooshy Bear
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 6:21am PST 
I have turkey and cheese (I love cheese) with a side of wiskas temptations treats.


King of the Hill
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 9:30am PST 
We ran back home to get our lunch. It's grocery shopping day, so all we could find in the empty fridge is half a club sandwich from the New York Deli. It sure has lots of turkey, ham, roast beef, bacon, and cheese on it. There's plenty to feed Teddy, Jack and I for lunch. (Just wait until My Daddy sees it is missing!)

Tabby Little

In love- with- Missy!
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 10:21am PST 
Bologna and wheat bread of course! applause

Fat Baxter

The hunter and- lover
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 10:40am PST 
In my lunch box is some seafood,Chips,Cheese and some sandwiches!happy dance

Tabby Little

In love- with- Missy!
Purred: Thu Feb 4, '10 2:10pm PST 
Hello Fat, I think cheese is gooooooood too!

I like the kind that has holes in it......ummmmmm laugh out loud


Mr.- SnuggleUpAgainst
Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 7:55am PST 
Top of the mornin', man cats! I am packing my lunchbox for a big, exciting day of manliness. Let's see ... I've got a ham, turkey, ham, roast beef, ham, Swiss cheese, roast beef, ham, and turkey sandwich laugh out loud ... some carrot sticks (it is important for man cats to eat their veggies!) ... a Yogurt ... and a tuna-flavor juice box!

Hm, I'm actually kind of hungry right now ... I'll just eat a few bites of this sandwich ... *munch munch*


King of my- Castle
Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 1:52pm PST 
*opens lunch box* Let's see what Mommy packed today...

A thermos full of clam chowder, stuffed clams, grilled shrimp, and a rib eye steak!

Oh no! *looks embarrased* she put in a frilly napkin! What's she trying to do to me????red face

Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Fri Feb 5, '10 2:31pm PST 
Skeeter - you're hamming it up! laugh out loud And Grayson do you wanna trade some stuffed clams in your Man Cat lunch box for some stuffed MANicotti (hey it's Guido's leftovers!)laugh out loud

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