What's In Your MAN CAT Lunch Box?

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Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 7:47am PST 
It's February 1st and I think we Man Cats should have a great big Barbeque luncheon this week. I can fit a slab of ribs in my Man Cat lunch box if someone can bring the sauce!

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 1:05pm PST 
Gotta slab 'o BBQ pork ribs all hot and juicy big grin
Fellas grab a bone and don't get no napkin laugh out loud
This food is serious man eatin' grub dancingdancing
BBQ drops on yer' belly? Just paw pad drops for later. big laugh


The Tullster
Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 8:02pm PST 
Yee haw - the BBQ grill is fired up Man Cats! We've got messy pork ribs dripping with lots of sauce, extra large manwich burgers with all the trimmings, and ginormous tuna steaks - no sissy sushi bar for us big boys!

And a keg of milk to wash it all down! way to go


Loki the Maine- Coon Cat
Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 8:05pm PST 
Now that is sure some tasty grub!! I'll have to have seconds for sure- maybe even thirds!big grin

Budweiser S.- Piper-(Buddy- )

I'm fat and- loving it.
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 1:28pm PST 
Sounds really tasty, Tully. I love ribs alot. Actually, I never turn good food down. Right on. Lets eat!

Tiger Edward- Bush

Tiger - The King of- Napping !!!
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 1:55pm PST 
With that kind of food, we will not have to worry about lunch boxes!! We'll be stuffed for a week. Thanks guys!!way to goway to go

Boss, Bear, Oreo, Kitt, and Tiger

Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 4:30pm PST 
I think the grill is still fired up - I see more slabbies of ribs. Oh man this is the bestest BBQ lunch ever. I'm not wiping my lips or cheeks - I'm gonna let da big sauce just drip down my fur - oh I luvs being a Man Cat (slurp)

Tabby Little

In love- with- Missy!
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 5:53pm PST 
I tink I'll have some BBQ, lick, lick, ummmmm, lick, lick, ummmmmm dis stuff is paw lickin' good!!!!!wink


King of my- Castle
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 6:55pm PST 
I'm supervising my mommy as she makes my lunch for the workday tomorrow. She's packing a shrimp sandwich, some turkey and giblets, and a slice of roast beef - nice and rare. Along with that is a big thermos of milk and some Friskies Party Mix for dessert. I might throw in a lizard for a snack.

Jasper,- Angel- Dreamboat- #49a

Can I get you a- drink?
Purred: Wed Feb 3, '10 8:21pm PST 
Hey, guys. Been sharpening the tools and, uh, resting up for the next manly project, but I see the topic has changed to one of my favorites: Food. To be honest, I never had a lunchbox, seeing as how most of my projects are of the Hairy Homeowner type. The fridge is so convenient, or I can order up a pizza delivery (double anchovies, please).

But BBQ's I can definitely get into. I'll bring the bratwursts and a chunk of my favorite cheese.

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