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There are 5 of us. I'm the only one with my own bowl, because the other 4 came as two pairs (separately), so each pair shares a divided bowl. The three bowls get set down in a line in the kitchen and we all know where our bowl is going to be so we wait there. We get a mix of dry and wet food for both meals each day. We initially eat just from our own bowls, but when we return for any leftovers it is first come-first serve. All bowls are fair game.
Daddy keeps saying mommy should just feed us from one big pan, but mommy keeps it like it has always been.
When Grammy comes to visit, she gets a real kick out of seeing us all lined up...or as she puts it "5 butts in the air".

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You puts it in the bowl and you eat it. shrug


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Hi, this is the first time we have responded to any of the group questions since we are fairly new to this group. There are 10 of us. We all eat in the dining room which is kind of an extension of the kitchen. One eats on the ledge that is about a foot below the counter that separates the kitchen and dining area, one eats on the floor below him and the rest eat out of a muffin tin. The muffin tin is one of the large ones that has 12 "cups" and it is perfect for feeding wet food or raw meat. There is also a babygate that separates the kitchen and dining area so the dog doesn't have a chance to sneak in to steal the food or even stress us all out while we try to eat. This also works well to keep raw meat in one area during the times we get that special meal.way to gowave

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