Question about Feeding Areas

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The Silly Guy
Purred: Mon Jan 18, '10 10:22am PST 
We have 2 different feeding areas in our house, but in the morning, when we are all hungry for our wet food, the 4 of us run into the kitchen where Mom puts our wet food into our bowls. Two of us have started jumping up on the kitchen counter to eat our wet food, while the 2 younger cats eat theirs at the feeding area on the floor. We don't like all eating in the same area at the same time, even though each of us gets our own bowl. Just curious where all you cats eat, especially in the households where there are 10 or more of you...


Soft Angel- Huggs...- Raincloud ♥
Purred: Tue Jan 19, '10 2:14pm PST 
Use two good quality dry cat foods and two big dishes applause Simple! cheer Cats can eat when they want to eat big grin


Daze of Colors
Purred: Tue Jan 26, '10 10:10am PST 
I agree with my PurrSister, RainCloud, a big flat-bottom bowl is best thinking


Look, an empty- lap!
Purred: Wed Jan 27, '10 3:21pm PST 
There are just three of us. We have three bowls in different parts of the kitchen -- in fact, you can't see one food bowl from another, so we can all eat in private. I have to have a special diet, so everyone has a special diet. We eat whenever we want. In the morning, we get wet food -- each of us has a separate saucer and each of us has our own eating place in the family room. We wait at our spot until they put the food in front of us. They're very well trained.


KIng Rex
Purred: Wed Jan 27, '10 8:00pm PST 
There are six of us. We have two bowls of dry food that is there all the time. In the morning we get wet food. We each have a plate of our own in the kitchen. We all wait at the spot where our plate goes. We know our eating place and wait for our mommy to put our plate down. Cats are creatures of habit and will learn very quickly where their eating spot is.kitty


The Silly Guy
Purred: Wed Jan 27, '10 8:24pm PST 
Hi Everyfur wave
Maybe I should explain more. Two dry food bowls are left out all day for us to snack on. But we really love our wet food and we will all run to the kitchen at the same time when it is time for the wet food, usually early in the a.m. when Mom wakes up, and again at suppertime. Our kitchen is VERY small, so it is pretty crowded when 4 cats eat in there all at once. For now, Mom is feeding 2 cats in the kitchen when it is wet food time and 2 cats in another room so we all have our own space. We were just curious how the bigger cat families were doing it...shrug


Soft Angel- Huggs...- Raincloud ♥
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 8:17am PST 
Meowdy, Luke wave
Mama has a 10 Inside PurrCat family. hug
Mama does not buy canned cat food. It is expensive for the good stuff.
A lot of re-calls have been done on canned cat food. eek
Mama sometimes calls us into the kitchen and gives us bites of turkey sandwich meat. hail
When she cleans out the icebox, Mama always puts a bowl of homemade soup or chicken and spaghetti or something yummy on the floor and we lick and lick and lick, out of the dish she cooked it. laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Mon Feb 8, '10 5:54pm PST 
Feeding Areas should not be a big problem shrug
I guess if Purrants give Purrs canned food it would be though thinking
Oh well. Whatever. wavewave

Orkney- 25/10/02 - 3/1/16

I am the Alpha- Cat
Purred: Tue Feb 9, '10 3:34am PST 
There are five of us. Zephyr is on a diet and has special food so she is shut in one bedroom to eat her meals. Tara is a wussbag, and she gets shut in the second bedroom so we won't steal hers or harrass her while she's eating. The other three of us each have a bowl in the kitchen. Mummy has to take up our bowls again and put them in the cupboard before she lets Zephyr out, otherwise Zephyr just hoovers up everybody's leftovers.

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Tue Feb 9, '10 4:49am PST 
Orkney wave You are so right. There are special Purrcumstances. thinking
Mama has had to do some of those different feeding places too kitty
Orkney how did you get your name? thinking

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