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Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Tue Dec 1, '09 4:50am PST 
Joe Thunderbear here, reporter at large and small.
Well, it is cold.: eek I have heard there are rumours of snow going around. I think we will just get rain though, but I don't know.
Well, Mommi has started belly-dancing again.kitty
She used to in her twenties, and now has two tapes to go by. It is most unusual, and looks HARD! The tapes sculpt and tone the arms, abs, legs, thighs, and buns. red facesmile In other news, I have been going about the house howling pitifully---I don't know why---Mommi says, "Joe?" and I stop in mid- howl.confused Mommi is wondering if Peaches, (whose name has somehow become Thunderbunny, or Bunny for short) is getting all heated up (shock), even though the breeder said the mating season will not start till March. *Pshaw* We have seen January kittens, February ones, and so forth. I think this is an old wives tale.thinking
Now---CHRISTMAS is COMING!dancingdancing. Mommi and Ro has said it will be spare this year...that's ok, we all have each other!hug Well, that's about all for now---Mommi goes off this morning to get a spinal injection....we also wonder how Daisy Mae's Mommie is doing with her back.
Now, what is new in yous's neck of the woods?
APJ Thunderbear, the Tuesday Tattle-Rag
PS: Opie Thunderbear is a heavenly noodlehead
PSS: *hmph*

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Speed Racer
Purred: Tue Dec 1, '09 5:38am PST 
It's cold and rainy here today. Maybe we'll get snow tomorrow. Mommie says she's retired now and that's why she spends all her time at home with us. cheer I say she's always been tired and that's why she lays on the couch most of the day reading books. shock That's all we know.
Purrs from S. Texas,

Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Tue Dec 1, '09 4:15pm PST 
It's cold and rainy here in SE Texas, too. We returned home from our visit to Grandma's yesterday afternoon and are trying to get caught up with messages, etc. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. I celebrated my 10th birthday on Friday and got some new toys and yummy treats. Apparently I'm now officially an "old furt" but I don't feel (or act) like one!

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Wed Dec 2, '09 1:57am PST 
Oh. NO! Thanksgiving was Opie's birthday and we forgot all about it! actually, he was born on a Thanksgiving so we've celebrated
it every Thnaksgiving, no matter the date of November! The TBEARS and especially Mommi are mortified! shock red facered facered facered face
Oh Opiekins, please forgive us......kissingHere is a kiss for you from the Thunderbear clan of hillbilly cats: kissing
OH, dear....
Anonymousely, Joe Thunderbear.hug

Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
Purred: Wed Dec 2, '09 2:00am PST 
*hmph* I'll have you know we had a Birthday party over the bridge (anybody who was anybody was there!)
I shall consider forgiving you, but a nice tuna cake would help....naughty

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Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Wed Dec 2, '09 2:05am PST 
shock Did I hear the distinct "WHANG" from a walnut rolling pin?thinking Here is a gift for you Opiekins, but you had better open it now as the little critters are still alive.....smile

Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
Purred: Wed Dec 2, '09 2:12am PST 
Surely Violett would not give me a box of LIVE centipedes for my Birthday...

Anyways, I think I am nine now, but Mommi (who is a dingfod at times) must look up my pedigree and be sure. Can yalls beLIEVE this?
Mommi is getting addled in her old age. Why, when she took her grandson to be enrolled in high scool last Spring, she actually forgot his name!thinking big laughbig laughbig laugh

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Purred: Wed Dec 2, '09 2:30am PST 
Oh, we are so sorry, Opie. A prezzie will be on the way shortly.party

As for our Tuesday report which is carrying over into Wednesday........gee, I'm confusing myself already.laugh out loud It's chilly here at the moment,31..........okay, make that cold. Rain today and 50's with gusty winds with snow showers in a couple of days.eek

Our latest arrival, Ashley, Ash or Ashes........whichever you want to call her is fitting right in. We're still kinda' leary of her as she wants to play and thus never misses an opportunity to chase us. But she is no trouble at all and even took to usihg the litter box her first evening. And is seeking out new places to sleep as she ranges throughout the place; she's especially fond of the bathtub and exploring the kitchen sink. And we're not sure if it's possible for a kitty to reincarnate, but the resemblance and mannerisms to Zoey are almost overwhelming. She was meant to be here and Daddy was meant to save her. Well, enough of me sitting here watching Daddy scarf deviled ham sammies, we're gonna' drag him by the toe (Don't worry, they're partly numb so it won't hurt him any.) and get some brekkie outta' him. So this is Reanan, your Dorothy Kilgallen of the east coast signing off for now and reminding you.......make sure the raisins you're about to eat aren't flies.

China- Thunderbear

Little Tasmanian- Devil
Purred: Thu Dec 3, '09 12:08am PST 

that would cause all manner of complications.....*ewwwwwwwww*


Purred: Thu Dec 3, '09 2:57am PST 
And what if you were standing there swatting raisins?laugh out loud

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