Who would mew call a hero fur kitties and doggies.

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Bitu and I were talking and I got to thinking about who would be a hero fur a kitty or doggie. I mean other then mewr purrents. So I thought I'd run the thought by the group and see what mew all have to say.

I think Tony LaRussa, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals is a hero cos he has an animal rescue in Oakland that he founded after he rescued a stray kitty in the parking lot of the ball park. It's called ARF. That pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson fosters kitties fur it. So that's my idea of a hero.


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I think that the singer Sarah McLachlan would make a great candidate. Here's an excerpt of her work with the ASPCA.

She is an avid supporter of the ASPCA and animal welfare. She filmed a two-minute advertisement for the organization which featured her song "Angel". The advertisement's imagery of shelter animals mixed with the soundtrack and McLachlan's simple appeal for donations has raised $30 million for the ASPCA since it began to air in 2006, which allowed the organization to air appeals in higher profile prime-time cable ad slots; subsequently the organization produced a new ad for the 2008 holiday season featuring McLachlan appealing for the ASPCA over her Wintersong performance of "Silent Night", and a new ad with her was released in January 2009 featuring the song Answer.

We think she is just a wonderful person and humanitarian.little angel

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That is a good answer. Come one everyone I want some more suggestions.

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Sarah McLachlan definitely applause My Mama almost cries when she sees the commercial. Sometimes, Mama has to change the channel silenced Mama is tenderhearted kissing Why else does she have a 10 inside PurrCat Family hug

I would give a cheer out cheer to Miranda Lambert for recognizing The Humane Society of East Texas. Located in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.
This charity houses up to 200 dogs and cats from the East Texas area. It is a non-kill group. You can see the current animals. It is the previous home of her precious bus dog, Delilah. It is run entirely on donations from the public. This is a 501 (c)3 organization and donations are 100% tax deductible. hail


Humane Society of East Texas
P.O. Box 6151
Tyler, Texas 75711-6151
Telephone (903) 597-2471
Fax (903) 597-0708

Billy "Beautiful Joe" TBear

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All the people who rescued animals during Katrina and other natural disasters. hugbig grin

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That is a great one Platelicker. Mew are spot on too Billy. Meowmie still gives money to the Tampa Bay Humane Society who helped rescue Katrina animals. She loves the being able to help a Florida shelter.

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

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All kind people who take in and care for any endangered creature, even under ordinary circumstances. We knew a dog who was set on fire by some horrible people and the community sent contributions to the vet for the dog's continuing care and treatement.